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I’m prob­a­bly one of your younger read­ers – I bought my first is­sue, the one with the beau­ti­ful “fu­tur­is­tic manga” cover art when I was 13 [is­sue 140 – Ilya Ku­vshi­nov’s cover]. Since then I’ve picked up each is­sue and adored them all.

I’m a self-taught dig­i­tal artist, and see­ing all of the won­der­ful work that ap­pears in each mag­a­zine truly in­spires me. I learn through ob­serv­ing oth­ers’ tech­niques and how they use colour and form, so hav­ing such eye-catch­ing art to study from is a great op­por­tu­nity. This mag­a­zine in­spires me to reach out of my com­fort zone and try some­thing other than my more car­toony work; I be­lieve I’m a bet­ter artist be­cause of it. I’m sure it’ll help me im­prove as I aim for my fine art GCSE.

My cur­rent as­pi­ra­tion is to be­come a graphic nov­el­ist, but I don’t know how to go about de­vel­op­ing such a ca­reer. We’re never taught how to get jobs that are more free­lancer-based and I was won­der­ing if you had any ad­vice? Libby, via email

Claire replies Libby! You’re cer­tainly the youngest reader that’s emailed in! And thanks for send­ing in your own art. I’ll look into get­ting a fea­ture to­gether on be­com­ing a free­lance artist.

GCSE stu­dent Libby is us­ing the art that ap­pears in Imag­ineFX to help her im­prove her paint­ing tech­niques.

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