Step-by-step: Set­ting the scene for a sun­set

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1 I start paint­ing the scene with a large Smooth brush and ap­ply dark brown­ish hues to the can­vas. The most im­por­tant as­pect here is the shape lan­guage and how th­ese shapes re­late to each other. I en­vis­age the scene as be­ing lit by an over­cast sky. 2 I cre­ate a new layer in Color Dodge mode and with a large Soft brush on a low Opac­ity I paint in the sun­set colours us­ing a 80 per cent sat­u­rated dark orange. It’s im­por­tant to slowly build up this ef­fect by start­ing with dark colours and grad­u­ally pick­ing lighter ones. 3 Although the paint­ing has pro­gressed here in terms of de­tail, the hues and soft­ness of the sun­set re­main un­changed. The most im­por­tant as­pect to point out here are the build­ing struc­tures, which I paint as two- di­men­sional shapes that take on the colours of the sky.

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