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A sig­nif­i­cant part of Paul’s new life as a free­lancer is cre­at­ing his per­sonal art world, for an as-yet uniden­ti­fied project…

ImagineFX - - Interview Paul Scott Canavan -

“While the sort of con­cept art I pro­duce tends to be slightly messy and loose – my goal be­ing to pro­duce clear de­signs for 3D artists rapidly or pro­duce in­spi­ra­tional sketches us­ing what­ever tools I need – for my per­sonal work, I re­ally like to slow down and spend a lot of time on each el­e­ment.

I grew up thriv­ing on the sort of films, books and games that tell a rich story with­out re­quir­ing ex­haus­tive nar­ra­tives. Sto­ries that place you in a world with­out need­ing to ex­plain why ev­ery­thing is there or what its pur­pose is.

This piece is an ex­am­ple of me at­tempt­ing to do this for one of my own projects. A paint­ing like this can take days or weeks rather than hours, and there’s a heavy em­pha­sis on plan­ning to fig­ure out the key themes I’m shoot­ing for. I think about how best to tell the story vis­ually (through com­po­si­tion, light­ing, cos­tumes, and so on) and how to layer the paint­ing with de­tails to re­in­force those themes to the viewer and to in­trigue and en­tice them.

While tech­ni­cal skill is one way to do this, there’s some­thing ex­cit­ing about cap­tur­ing a mo­ment for the viewer and let­ting them wan­der through it and ask ques­tions. Th­ese char­ac­ters, for ex­am­ple, have their own mo­ti­va­tions in the scene. I know what they’re do­ing and how they fit into the nar­ra­tive – the son clutch­ing his fa­ther’s sword, watch­ing the vil­lagers trudge out into the ocean car­ry­ing their limp of­fer­ings, but you may have your own ideas about what’s hap­pen­ing or per­haps over­look the char­ac­ters en­tirely!”

sea of­fer­ings “With the 3D base act­ing as a guide­line and light­ing ref­er­ence, the rest of my time was sim­ply spent ren­der­ing, work­ing from ref­er­ence pho­tos.”

“This paint­ing started life as an old en­vi­ron­ment piece that I wasn’t par­tic­u­larly happy with. I de­cided to spend a few min­utes doo­dling over it and this idea grad­u­ally ap­peared.” doo­dling de­light “Once I knew where I was go­ing with the paint­ing, I blocked it out in 3D. I re­ally wanted to push scale and this helped me fig­ure out where ev­ery­thing would sit in the 3D space.” play­ing with scale

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