grave­yard walk­ing: pl edge of the witch

This work-in-progress art­work shows a new ap­proach by Paul, mix­ing sketches, 3D and Pho­to­shop

ImagineFX - - Interview Paul Scott Canavan -

“My process changes con­stantly from piece to piece and I think that’s healthy: art should be ever-evolv­ing, and I’ve al­ways en­joyed ex­plor­ing dif­fer­ent meth­ods.

The con­cept for this piece – in which an an­gel-like en­tity with great vul­ture wings tricks hap­less hu­mans into pledg­ing their souls to its mas­ter – orig­i­nated while I was ex­plor­ing a grave­yard in Croa­tia. I stum­bled across some beau­ti­ful, if some­what creepy, an­gel stat­ues and had to sketch them. I of­ten re­turn to my sketches later and think about what they could be used for, and in this case, the nar­ra­tive slowly evolved in my head as I trav­elled.

When I ar­rived home, I scanned my draw­ing and started scrib­bling on top of it in Pho­to­shop, loosely fig­ur­ing out the com­po­si­tion and tak­ing notes of things that would bring this paint­ing to life.

Ref­er­ence is key for a com­plex im­age like this, so I made a list of el­e­ments I would need to track down or cre­ate. Pho­tos of wings were easy to find and the witch’s cos­tume came from mul­ti­ple pho­tos of wrapped stat­ues and women in silks. For the crowd, I used Daz 3D to block out poses, then took some ren­ders to use as fig­ure ref­er­ence. Once I had all th­ese ref­er­ences, I was able to start on the line art.”

ini­tial sketch “Here’s the orig­i­nal sketch I drew in the grave­yard with ad­di­tional de­tails doo­dled on top later on in Pho­to­shop.” Move into 3d “Be­cause this is a com­plex scene with lots go­ing on, I de­cided to block out the char­ac­ters us­ing Daz 3D. This pro­vides a solid light­ing ref­er­ence to help keep things re­al­is­tic. an­gel ris­ing “From there I cleaned up the sketch us­ing ref­er­ences that I had gath­ered for the wings and fig­ures, and then car­ried on paint­ing in Pho­to­shop.”

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