Ad­just­ing the Dy­naMesh res­o­lu­tion

ImagineFX - - Core Skills Zbrushcore -

Dur­ing the block­ing stages it’s good to keep the amount of poly­gons very low so that we can per­form large pro­por­tional changes. You’ll no­tice a few other op­tions un­der the Dy­naMesh sub-pal­ette. Se­lect the Res­o­lu­tion slider and re­duce the num­ber from 128 to about 32, so the next time you per­form a re-Dy­naMesh ac­tion (Ctrl+click drag), ZBrushCore will main­tain the shape but with fewer poly­gons.

With higher res­o­lu­tions it’s harder to block out the shape. A low res­o­lu­tion or fewer points makes it eas­ier to move larger por­tions of the mesh. This is the block­ing of the larger shapes us­ing just the Move Brush.

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