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Lever­age light­ing

Eye-catch­ing light­ing plays a huge role in mak­ing an en­vi­ron­ment en­gag­ing and set­ting the mood. In an early con­cept like this one it’s im­por­tant to es­tab­lish the role that light­ing will play in the art di­rec­tion. Bounce light is es­pe­cially ex­cit­ing!

Lean on ref­er­ence

I use ref­er­ence for ev­ery­thing. Even if I’m stylis­ing the art, things need to feel real. The more you let ref­er­ence in­form el­e­ments of your im­age, the stronger your work will be.

Depth of field

Us­ing a lim­ited depth of field gives an il­lus­tra­tion a cin­e­matic feel and this helps sell it as a real, three-di­men­sional lo­ca­tion. It also helps make your fo­cal point dom­i­nant over other parts of the paint­ing.

Colour choices

Colour is very im­por­tant and bal­anc­ing your warms and cools is the most cru­cial part. I make the piece pri­mar­ily about the warm re­flected light off the dead leaves and log, while bal­anc­ing that with a cool back­ground of grass and fil­tered light.

Com­pelling char­ac­ters

Char­ac­ters are im­por­tant and I need to es­tab­lish an en­gag­ing style for them as well as cre­ate iconic de­signs that feel fresh. This is also the time to loosely in­di­cate the cre­ative out­fits, tools and weapons that the char­ac­ters would use in the game.

Player tools

I’d ex­pect to see the equip­ment the player would use in the game world in any sim­i­lar key con­cept art. This char­ac­ter car­ries a home­made pro­jec­tile weapon made from found ob­jects like pen caps and matches. There’s a sponge on his back to help float in wa­ter.

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