4 Cre­at­ing ‘Ar­rows’ to Guide the Eye

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It’s im­por­tant to guide the eye through your com­po­si­tion, and plan­ning the fo­cal points care­fully will con­trol the im­age and com­po­si­tional el­e­ments.

A great, sim­ple way to man­age this is by break­ing down each el­e­ment into 'ar­rows'. Think of each brush stroke and tex­ture you add as a line; use the mo­men­tum of the shape to carry fo­cus from one ob­ject to an­other, so that they’re linked in a sub­tle vis­ual way. This can work for any de­sign el­e­ment, from a shape on a wall, to a char­ac­ter’s shadow, to mist that’s dif­fus­ing a scene. Try to guide the eye through sev­eral fo­cal points in the im­age – a main state­ment fol­lowed by sup­port­ing fo­cal points. See step 8 for more on this.

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