6 Spe­cial­is­ing when you make your start

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In my ex­pe­ri­ence it's eas­ier to break into the in­dus­try by spe­cial­is­ing in one cat­e­gory, rather than pur­su­ing mul­ti­ple skillsets. This is not the same as a genre – sci-fi, fan­tasy, his­tor­i­cal, say – rather, it’s fo­cus­ing your ef­fort on one sub­ject like en­vi­ron­ments, props, crea­tures or cos­tumes. Choos­ing one of th­ese means you can de­vote more time to mas­ter­ing that in­di­vid­ual craft rather than spread­ing your­self too thin, which means achiev­ing less but in more cat­e­gories. Art di­rec­tors gen­er­ally choose a “spe­cial­ist” they have con­fi­dence in over a jack-ofall-trades. Sell­ing your­self as the per­fect per­son for a spe­cific type of job reaps re­wards. You can al­ways ex­plore other cat­e­gories later.

Art di­rec­tors gen­er­ally choose a spe­cial­ist they have con­fi­dence in

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