11 Work­ing for a VFX com­pany ver­sus work­ing in an on-set art de­part­ment

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Just as there are dif­fer­ences in pro­duc­tion, there are ma­jor vari­a­tions be­tween work­ing within an out­sourc­ing or VFX com­pany ver­sus an on-set art de­part­ment. When you're work­ing off-site on films, say for a VFX firm or vis­ual de­vel­op­ment out­sourcer, you're sur­rounded with an ex­tra layer of col­leagues, art di­rec­tors and leads who can help you grow as an artist. Many com­pa­nies will have artists on sev­eral projects at once, which will be very ex­cit­ing on the cre­ative side as you're switch­ing be­tween many types of de­sign.

In con­trast, work­ing in an on­set art de­part­ment brings you closer to the pro­duc­tion. You'll in­ter­act with the pro­duc­tion de­signer and some­times the di­rec­tor as well, de­pend­ing on the project. In a phys­i­cal art de­part­ment you work with many more dis­ci­plines, with set de­sign­ers, graphic de­sign­ers, and the on-stage crew. Based on how long your con­tract is you might even see the film de­velop from start to fin­ish. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, you get to try out a wider va­ri­ety of de­sign in terms of tasks, even though this will nor­mally be gov­erned by your par­tic­u­lar spe­cial­ity.

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