Rob Redman

We ask how the GT-220 fits into the daily work­flow of an artist

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How have you found it in use?

Re­ally good. With­out the glove it’s a bit sticky, but once that’s on ev­ery­thing feels right. I like the rub­ber strip on the base of the mon­i­tor, which stops it from mov­ing when you lean on it.

How do you work with­out short­cut but­tons?

At first I thought that might be a prob­lem but I do a lot of 3D work, which means I usu­ally have one hand on a key­board, so I’m pretty used to work­ing that way. That said, the pen has cus­tomis­able but­tons on it so set­ting up a cou­ple of the mos­tused tools is easy enough.

How does the screen com­pare to a nor­mal mon­i­tor?

The res­o­lu­tion may not be as high as my main mon­i­tors, but for draw­ing and 3D sculpt­ing it’s ideal. The Huion is crys­tal clear and has lovely colours.

Do you lack any ac­cu­racy or is there much lag as you work?

The ac­cu­racy is great. I thought it was go­ing to have around 2,ooo lev­els of sen­si­tiv­ity, but when it ar­rived it turns out to have over 8,ooo! The setup out of the box was good and other than chang­ing the but­ton set­tings I didn’t need to map the sty­lus. There’s a frac­tion of lag us­ing cer­tain Pho­to­shop brushes with large tex­tures, but it’s noth­ing to worry about. You get that with other in­put de­vices, too.

Would you buy one again or rec­om­mend to other artists?

Ab­so­lutely! At this price it makes what was a pro-only tool more ac­ces­si­ble to stu­dents, hob­by­ists or small stu­dios.

Rob is a dig­i­tal artist, work­ing across 2D and 3D, for film, TV and print and is also the ed­i­tor of 3D World mag­a­zine.


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