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Peter McClory ex­plains why he’s livestream­ing his tra­di­tional art game en­vi­ron­ments

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Artist, in­ter­ac­tive de­signer and mu­sic pro­ducer Peter McClory wears a lot of hats. But re­cently, he’s de­cided to fo­cus his en­er­gies on the thing he’s most pas­sion­ate about: draw­ings trees and other or­ganic ob­jects, then us­ing them to cre­ate as­sets for cross­plat­form games.

So in Jan­uary, Peter launched a self­funded ven­ture, Pencil Drawn Games. And first or­der of busi­ness has been draw­ing a se­ries of stun­ning en­vi­ron­ments us­ing pencil and pa­per, which he then scans in and colours in Pho­to­shop.

Un­usu­ally, he’s not even think­ing about the ac­tual game it­self at this stage. The rea­son? “I’ve seen so many game de­sign­ers work end­lessly to cre­ate the per­fect game, only for them to re­lease it and then re­alise no one knows about it,” he ex­plains. “So in­stead I’m fo­cus­ing on build­ing up so­cial me­dia aware­ness and an on­line fol­low­ing as I go.” All the art Peter cre­ates, then, is be­ing shared via his own web­site. He’s also livestream­ing its cre­ation via TwitchTV, and post­ing the videos on YouTube. The idea is to en­cour­age feed­back from artists, gam­ing fans, and any­one else who’s in­ter­ested.

“Only when I’m happy with the art will I move it into Unity and plan the game me­chan­ics,” he says. “The aim is to re­lease some­thing be­fore Christ­mas, although that may be an in­ter­ac­tive en­vi­ron­ment rather than a full game.”

Watch and read more about Peter’s progress on his video game project at

Peter cre­ated this en­vi­ron­ment con­cept for a cross-plat­form ad­ven­ture game, drawn in pencil and then coloured dig­i­tally. Ini­tial con­cept work for a Green Man gi­ant who’s formed out of trees. Float­ing is­lands drawn in pencil, then scanned into Pho­to­shop...

Screen­shot from the cre­ation of the Green Man gi­ant, from a video that Peter streamed on­line.

Peter’s float­ing is­lands be­come self-con­tained game en­vi­ron­ments.

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