Step-by-step: Put to­gether a sim­ple light­ing scheme in Pho­to­shop

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1Start­ing my il­lus­tra­tion with a loose line sketch, fol­lowed by the lo­cal colours en­ables me to fo­cus on the de­sign as op­posed to paint­ing form and val­ues. To add to the light­ing chal­lenge, I de­cide to give this nymph opales­cent white eyes!

2Next I add the key light, cast from the right to show the con­tours of the face. I use a mix­ture of ad­just­ment lay­ers set to Sat­u­ra­tion and Over­lay so that I can add some colour ef­fects while main­tain­ing the lo­cal colours that I painted pre­vi­ously.

3I then add the fill light from the left to bring out the form of the shad­owed side, while a blue rim light com­ing in from the bot­tom left sim­u­lates the back-light. I ad­just the back­ground colour and value to com­ple­ment the colours of the char­ac­ter.

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