Step-by-step: Il­lus­trate clouds real­is­ti­cally

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1Estab­lish a per­spec­tive grid. Clouds are 3D forms that should fol­low the scene’s per­spec­tive line. Clouds typ­i­cally travel along the same plane level, so they should line up on a sin­gle per­spec­tive plane. Treat the clouds as if they are solid ob­jects with top, bot­tom and side planes.

2Use an air­brush to block out the shape of the clouds very loosely. Keep in mind which di­rec­tion the sun is shin­ing to keep the light­ing and cast shadow con­sis­tent. Start eras­ing away the edges to shape the sil­hou­ette and use the tex­ture brush to de­fine the in­ner forms.

3De­fine the form to fin­ish. Us­ing a tex­ture brush, look for ar­eas within the blocked-out shapes where you can drop some darker tones as well as brighter high­lights to in­crease the con­trast level. Clouds that are fur­ther away from you will have less con­trast than closer ones.

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