ver y Sl ow, metic­u­lous and time­con­sum­ing

Greg ex­plains why this tech­nique to cre­ate smokey, spec­tral fig­ures is well worth the ef­fort

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“This is a test sam­ple for a forth­com­ing graphic novel about ghosts. I wanted to fur­ther ex­plore a new smokey ef­fect that I’ve been de­vel­op­ing. I used graphite pen­cils, mostly Black­wing Palomino, but also Staedtler All X-Write, for the softer un­der­tones. With my nat­u­ral ten­dency to tighten up on the de­tails, it was a chal­lenge to see if I could some­how de­pict the flu­id­ity of ris­ing smoke.

I tend to be very im­me­di­ate with my draw­ing, get­ting right down and dirty with a piece in full, but this kind of draw­ing re­quired the kind of lay­er­ing I used to deal with in paint­ing. It took a light touch to map out the con­trails of the smoke, how they move, rise and twist around ob­jects and in­vis­i­ble air cur­rents, be­fore bear­ing down harder onto the specifics.

I wanted Flora’s form to sort of emerge from the smoke, but also be part of it, so there’s a need to il­lus­trate both solid form and be true to the gos­samer qual­i­ties of the spec­tral smoke she in­hab­its. A lot of the blend­ing and de­fo­cus­ing came from a very light ap­proach, vig­or­ously rubbed into blurs, us­ing my in­dex fin­ger. I later used an eraser to at­tack some of the hard edges of the smoke forms. I’ll likely only use this tech­nique for the cover as it’s very time-con­sum­ing.”

TH IS IS FLORA “This was the horse that lost the race against Mead­owlark for my next graphic novel project – de­layed but not for­got­ten. It’s a por­trait of Flora, one of the two main char­ac­ters as I played around with the style of the book.”

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