Cheat­ing a gra­di­ent!

ImagineFX - - In Depth Gouache Layering -

Usu­ally, you can achieve a de­cent gra­di­ent by just blend­ing two colours over wet pa­per, but some­times you can paint your­self into a bit of a cor­ner, or sim­ply change your mind and re­alise that you need to re­work an area.

Here’s a two-colour blend us­ing a wet brush on wet pa­per. It’s fairly easy and looks best when done when you leave it alone and let the paint do its own thing. The main draw­back is that this doesn’t al­low for a huge amount of con­trol. Tra­di­tional

Here’s a cheat gra­di­ent that I did us­ing a small liner brush. I worked from top to bot­tom in in­creas­ingly more opaque lay­ers, squint­ing to check my val­ues. The main draw­back is that you au­to­mat­i­cally lose some vi­brancy when lay­er­ing over a darker colour. But this tech­nique can be pretty neat­look­ing some­times! Cheat­ing

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