Sasha Jones

Sasha’s an in­de­pen­dent artist whose work ex­plores themes of na­ture, queer­ness and myth­i­cal crea­tures. He uses light and colour to cre­ate im­mer­sive and ethe­rial scenes.

ImagineFX - - Fx Pose - Lo­ca­tion: US ME­DIA : Pho­to­shop, Painter, oils, wa­ter­colour, ink Web: www.sashar­

1 Hold ing Back Birds

“Try­ing to hold back one’s own in­ner na­ture is like hold­ing back a flock of birds. No mat­ter how de­ter­mined you are, things are go­ing to keep slip­ping through.”

2 Dou­ble -Hearted

“From one of my main per­sonal projects, which de­picts a gen­eral torn by his love for and loy­alty to the peo­ple on both sides of a war. Though his heart is true, a man di­vided can­not move for­ward.”

3 Li­ran’s As­cent

“This piece was a ma­jor leap for­ward for me. It was one of the first where I re­ally went all out with ref­er­ence, in­clud­ing a fully de­tailed ma­que­tte for the dragon.”

4 Pur­suit through the Mists

“While I grew up on fan­tasy with a me­dieval Euro­pean ba­sis, these days I’m drawn to a more di­verse range of cul­tures and set­tings.”





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