Iwona Gradzka

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Lo­ca­tion: Poland ME­DIA : Re­belle, Art Rage, Krita Web: www.de­viantart.com/af­fla­tion

Iwona is a Ph.D. stu­dent study­ing physics. Her pas­sion for dig­i­tal paint­ing evolved from a love of tra­di­tional art, which has been an in­ter­est since child­hood.

1 The Grace

“Here’s one of my first stud­ies of ob­jects that are lit from the back. Dur­ing the paint­ing process I re­ferred to a photo of my­self in which I stood with my back to a win­dow.”

2 Wild Snakes

“This is one ex­am­ple where I just played around with colours and brushes, not car­ing so much about the clas­si­cal ap­proach to com­po­si­tion, light and so on.”

3 The Worlds Dest royer

“Pow­er­ful, mag­i­cal fe­male char­ac­ters from lit­er­a­ture, video games or even anime films in­spire me a lot. I painted this while look­ing at my photo and think­ing about fight­ing my weak­nesses.”

4 In­ner Co­ex­ist ence

“I don’t be­lieve in clear bound­aries in many as­pects of life. I like to com­bine weak­ness with strength, wet and dry, and so on. Here, del­i­cate hu­man skin turns into a shell and snake­skin.”

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