Yet another Amer­i­can mus­cle car with spe­cial fire fighter fea­tures. This Chevro­let Mal­ibu is hid­ing a stun­ning in­stall with a full range of Ken­wood audio gear kit.

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A fire fighter’s dream is this Chevy Mal­ibu with a worked en­gine that truly puts the mean­ing into the term ‘mus­cle car’.

The Amer­i­can de­sign of this 1965 Mal­ibu is one for the ages. This steel de­sign that Chevro­let put to­gether was made for peo­ple who wanted real power from the en­gine to the rear tyres. Owner Willy Gid­dings is the builder and one very happy owner of this ‘65 Mal­ibu. Willy’s smile spans from ear to ear when­ever he talks to peo­ple about his beloved mus­cle car.

It all started about four years ago when Willy found this 1965 Chevy Mal­ibu for sale for US$5,000 and he de­cided it was time to jump at the chance and pur­chase it. Now Willy was the proud owner of a some­what stock known-to-be Amer­i­can mus­cle car.

Harder work = more power

In or­der to ac­com­plish the main ob­jec­tive on the 65 Mal­ibu Willy de­cided to go with a fo­cus on more en­gine power. He had to push him­self to work­ing on the car harder, mak­ing it as pow­er­ful as he could to make an im­pres­sion on the US streets. So he en­hanced the en­gine with a Chevy two-bolt main re­built Drag Mo­tor rated at 650hp. Not bad kit, from en­gine builder Ron Thomp­son from a spe­cial­ist shop called Bowtie Per­for­mance.

Flames were beau­ti­fully and pre­cisely en­graved on the valve cov­ers along with the top of the air cleaner and then all was painted with the car’s match­ing ex­te­rior colour. This colour scheme was done mainly be­cause of Willy’s oc­cu­pa­tion as US Fire­fighter and Para­medic. Of course he ab­so­lutely loves his job to the point of

ded­i­cat­ing his own per­sonal car to high­light his oc­cu­pa­tion.

Ven­tur­ing onto the Mal­ibu’s ex­te­rior you im­me­di­ately no­tice the ex­cel­lent paint job on the car – bright like a fire. Willy de­cided to go with a mod­ern Kia Vol­canic red color that he fell in love with at first sight. The paint does ac­cen­tu­ate the mus­cle car very nicely with its chrome spoke Foose 18-inch wheels which pro­vide the fin­ish­ing touch.

Here comes The Boom

A bit of a makeover was per­formed on this Mal­ibu’s sim­ple but classy in­te­rior. The car has a stock de­sign but with an up­graded com­bi­na­tion of glossy black leather and flat black cloth seats. It was made to match the ex­te­rior paint and even the stock dash was painted. Both door pan­els are in glossy black leather ma­te­rial. Mounted near both front door pan­els are the Ken­wood 6.5 KFC-X133 front speak­ers flash­ing the sound to the Ken­wood KFC-ST30 tweet­ers mounted up top on the dash­board, in each cor­ner, and fully ex­posed. While the sig­nal is han­dled by the Ken­wood KDC-BT648V head unit which has been di­aled in per­fectly thanks to its unique fea­tures. The Ken­wood unit is well-de­signed with its glossy black and chrome ac­cents giv­ing the de­vice an im­pres­sive look. Willy couldn’t just stop there, fur­ther am­pli­fi­ca­tion was added with a Ken­wood KAC-80405 which could be set up as a 4/3/2-chan­nel con­gig­u­ra­tion to run the mid speak­ers alone. This gave the cabin a nice note of vo­cals while play­ing mu­sic.

Of course the big aim, and chal­lenge, of the in­stall was to cre­ate a cus­tom audio sys­tem inside of this rather large mus­cle car trunk [boot]. Willy wanted to be able to nor­mally use his trunk as he needed to get gro­ceries from time to time. So he came up with a com­pact ver­sion as is dis­played on

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