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The In­side Golf editorial of­fice is packed with just about ev­ery type of putting aid imag­in­able. (Yet we still can’t sink those knee-knock­ers on the course when it counts). So when we re­ceived the Boomerang last month, we put it through the mo­tions – half ex­pect­ing it to be rel­e­gated to the pile of other de­vices in the cor­ner. We were sur­prised, how­ever, at just how ad­dic­tive this lit­tle unit is. In fact, it was down­right fun. And we felt like our stroke was ac­tu­ally get­ting bet­ter! It’s a very sim­ple de­vice; ba­si­cally an ad­justable-height plas­tic ramp, with an ad­justable-depth cup at the top. You also get a rol­lable 3-me­tre length of felt to sim­u­late a putting green. The aim is to putt a ball so that it just “catches” the lip of the cup and stays there. You then putt a sec­ond ball and try to knock the first ball back down the ramp. It’s not as easy as it seems. Trust us! The unit en­cour­ages a solid, ag­gres­sive putting stroke, and it will cer­tainly give you hours of good prac­tice. Avail­able at many pro shops www.boom­

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