The “Right” body mo­tion

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THE right side ( or left s i de f or left­handed golfers) is mis­un­der­stood and not given enough at­ten­tion in the swing. The re­al­ity is that right-handed golfers should swing through the ball with their right side.

When you swing too much with your left side, there is a ten­dency to do one of 2 things (or both): Pull the club out­side-to-in, which im­parts slice spin to the ball Pull the left shoul­der up, which re­sults in the body hang­ing back, caus­ing fat/thin con­tact

••The body mo­tion in your golf swing should re­sem­ble that of a ten­nis fore­hand or skip­ping a stone across wa­ter. From the back­swing, you push off your right foot and the right side of your body RO­TATES around the left. This trans­fer of weight en­ables you to cre­ate more club­head speed and en­cour­ages bet­ter con­tact at the same time.

To get a feel of this, set-up with a chair against your right hip and your right hand out like the face of a rac­quet. Swing back with­out bump­ing the chair and then swing for ward as you would with a ten­nis fore­hand. When you do this right, you should fin­ish with all your weight on the left foot and your body in a straight line fac­ing the tar­get.





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