Ro­ta­tion, ro­ta­tion, ro­ta­tion

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LET’S briefly touch on the cor­ner­stone to the golf swing mo­tion – ro­ta­tion.

Firstly you must un­der­stand that the body’s nat­u­ral move­ment is to turn around the spine, not to move lat­er­ally or side­ways. It is im­por­tant to try and im­prove this ro­ta­tion and to limit the urge to move side­ways.

The first key to achiev­ing this is to get the body in a more ath­letic po­si­tion so your spine an­gle and line is rea­son­ably straight to the back of the head. When this an­gle is achieved at set up and your chin is not in your chest you will have room to turn your front shoul­der un­der your chin in the back­swing with­out it dip­ping down­wards (main photo).

The sec­ond key to achiev­ing bet­ter ro­ta­tion is to check your shoul­der align­ment (in­set). Poor shoul­der align­ment will be a ma­jor bar­rier to proper ro­ta­tion. For ex­am­ple, if your shoul­der line is open or left of tar­get at ad­dress (for right handed play­ers), which un­for­tu­nately is very com­mon, you ef­fec­tively have to turn fur­ther in the back­swing to achieve a depth of turn re­quired. Check your set up with your shoul­ders in front of a mir­ror or with a friend stand­ing be­hind you and try not to leave your shoul­ders open to the tar­get line or left of tar­get as this hin­ders ro­ta­tion and will there­fore make you spin out of the golf shot es­pe­cially with the longer clubs.

The third key to train proper ro­ta­tion is to lead away into the back­swing by push­ing your shoul­der across un­der your chin as a trig­ger for take­away. Lead away with this shoul­der move, not your arms. This en­sures that you are get­ting your ro­ta­tion as a lead move off the ball and out of the way early in the back­swing.

These tips will im­prove your ro­ta­tion which will gain you power and speed as well as al­low you to stay down or in the shot longer in the down­swing, which goes a long way to cur­ing those sliced and topped shots in your game.

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