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TOM Wat­son and Greg Nor­man, a cou­ple of my child­hood idols, al­ways re­hearsed their prac­tice putting stroke be­fore the ac­tual stroke. Tom Wat­son grips the put­ter at a 10/10 pres­sure which is fine as long as the pres­sure is main­tained for the whole stroke. My pref­er­ence is a 4/10 pres­sure for the hands.

From the time that a prac­tice stroke is made to the ac­tual putt, the hands must main­tain the same grip pres­sure for the en­tire stroke. This en­sures that the put­ter face re­mains square at im­pact. It would be like an ac­tor re­hears­ing his lines be­fore he is ready to go on stage in front of a live au­di­ence. Make your prac­tice stroke a dress re­hearsal for the stroke, us­ing the same length and tempo re­quired for the ac­tual stroke.

Hold­ing the fin­ish also re­lays a great trig­ger to the brain and helps you re­mem­ber your good putts. This re­ally works be­cause the feel of your stroke is still in your sys­tem. Once you stand up out of pos­ture or move your feet be­fore the ball stops rolling the feel­ing of your stroke dis­ap­pears im­me­di­ately.

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