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A MID-WEEK wan­der down to the driv­ing range pro­vided me with a glimpse of one of the most in­ter­est­ing swings I have seen in a long while. The guy swing­ing the club was tall, very tall and some­what… “Pray­ing Man­tis”-like.

A closer look re­vealed that it was my good buddy, Chris An­stey. So I took the op­por­tu­nity to ask the former bas­ket­ball champ about life af­ter NBA/NBL and his new love…golf.

Coach: Chris, you were very skil­ful on the bas­ket­ball court, es­pe­cially for a guy that’s seven foot tall, so I sup­pose you just trans­fer those skills over to the golf course?

Chris: No Coach. I just try to belt it and hit it as hard as I can. Same as any sport…i used to play tennis so, when you hit one right off the mid­dle it feels great and you know as soon as you hit it that you’ve got a hold of it. They’re the ones that keep you com­ing back and you know if you can do it once you should be able to repli­cate it more of­ten. The ones I hit stay hit, the ones I miss… there’s been days when I’ve been through a box of balls. One of my weak­nesses is as soon as I lose a ball I stop look­ing, so I give it about 30 sec­onds and if I can’t see it, I just pull out a new one. So…yeah it’s an ex­pen­sive habit.

Coach: I no­ticed on the bas­ket­ball court you played hard, you played to win, and oc­ca­sion­ally you got a bit up­set on the bas­ket­ball court… Chris: …I do have a tem­per... Coach: In golf, have you ever lost it? Chris: We have a few rules on our week­ends and they’re the usual ones. If you don’t get to the ladies tees, you owe a shout. If you putt it from on the green to off the green, you have a shout. If you do throw a club, and it doesn’t go fur­ther than what your ball went, you owe a shout. So if you’re go­ing to throw your club, you want to make it a good one.

One time I’d hit this ridicu­lously bad tee shot, and I was al­ready in a pretty or­di­nary mood, so I just let go of the driver and it got stuck about 30 feet up a big oak tree. A seven-footer climb­ing up a 30-foot tree to re­trieve it. It was, I’ve been told, one of the fun­nier things peo­ple have ever seen be­cause…it wasn’t grace­ful. Coach: Look like a big orangutan? Chris: Not sure what was worse…go­ing up or com­ing down? But I ended up jump­ing from 10 or 12 feet and it bloody hurt! This is a small por­tion of a full in­ter­view with Chris An­stey. To hear the en­tire con­ver­sa­tion, go to­sid­e­ “The Coach” is a well-known me­dia per­son­al­ity that trav­els the world talk­ing to fa­mous celebri­ties (and some­times, they even talk back!) His busi­ness, The Coach Me­dia, is a Sport, Cor­po­rate and En­ter­tain­ment con­duit be­tween sports stars and their fans. More in­for­ma­tion: richard@the­coach­me­

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