Im­prov­ing your putting by im­prov­ing your bal­ance

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AFEW months ago I con­ducted a clinic at Liver­pool GC with Matt Green.

I was help­ing the stu­dents with their tech­nique and Matt was help­ing them with their body. Quite of­ten I will be con­fronted with a stu­dent who phys­i­cally can­not get into the po­si­tions we need them to get into. Matt pro­vided a great in­sight into what the body should be do­ing in the swing; he would iden­tify any de­fi­cien­cies that may be caus­ing a prob­lem and would give ex­er­cises and stretches to help over­come the prob­lems. I have found this a valu­able as­set to have avail­able to my stu­dents.

At the end of the ses­sion, Matt and I were muck­ing around on the putting green and Matt showed me a fan­tas­tic drill that can be used to help im­prove bal­ance through­out the stroke of the putt.

Ev­ery­one tries to swing the put­ter straight back and through on a slight arc but have you ever thought that if your body moves a lit­tle bit dur­ing the stroke that this would af­fect what hap­pens to the put­ter head?

Matt pulled out two foam rollers that had a flat bot­tom. He laid them on the ground with the flat side fac­ing to the sky (like shown in the photo)

He then asked me to stand on them whilst try­ing to keep my bal­ance and make some strokes.... it was a pretty dif­fi­cult ex­er­cise!

He then asked me to stand on the green and make some strokes and asked me to de­scribe my feel­ing. The only way I could de­scribe it was that I felt like I had tree roots grow­ing out of my feet and into the ground. I felt so sta­ble dur­ing my stroke, all be­cause I had switched-on some mus­cles re­quired to help keep bal­ance.

The more you prac­tice this, the more you will con­tinue to im­prove your bal­ance and putting (ob­vi­ously it is also es­sen­tial to have a nice grip, stance and stroke.)

If you have ac­cess to some foam rollers I re­ally en­cour­age you to trial this on the putting green. You have noth­ing to lose, ex­cept your hand­i­cap.

To help im­prove your golf, you have to ask your­self if your body is able to help or hin­der you. If you are un­sure, it could be time to get a les­son off your PGA Pro and ask if he or she thinks your body could be lim­it­ing your po­ten­tial for bet­ter tech­nique and then look for a physio that has ex­pe­ri­ence with work­ing with golfers. You should then be on your path to suc­cess!

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