Im­pact Gra­di­ent Ex­er­cise

Inside Golf - - Instruction - Peter Cro­ker www.keytof­ Watch the video of this drill here: http://vimeo. com/user14583831/ re­view/53376859/1b1de6d0e7 Peter Cro­ker has been a PGA Mem­ber since 1971. He has given lessons us­ing the Key to Golf Pro­gram to many stu­dents from be­ginne

YOU can learn any­thing if you break it down into small enough pieces, where you move at your own pace and grad­u­ally ac­quire per­sonal cer­tainty in the ac­tion of hit­ting a golf ball.

When you work with a short stroke, the im­pact ac­tion is just as it is with the full swing. Once you learn how to get com­fort­able with the hit­ting ac­tion around im­pact, your en­tire stroke be­comes far eas­ier to learn and it be­comes far eas­ier to drill in con­sis­tency with a full swing.


Im­pact can be de­fined as a Zone where the club­head first meets the ball to the limit of the right arm straight­en­ing and both wrists fully un­cock­ing. This ex­tended flat spot in the golf swing is cre­ated by “push­ing” with both hands as the wrists un­cock (thumbs down).

At the same time, the hips are ro­tat­ing while the shoul­ders are rocking with the right shoul­der trac­ing a line di­rectly down and out to­wards the ball in sup­port of the “hands driv­ing the club­head down and out to­wards the ball. (Check out the video to clar­ify this most im­por­tant ac­tion).

Fol­low­ing the full ex­ten­sion of club­head down and out through the ball, the right shoul­der will re­lease up and around as you move through the Fol­low Through and to a full and bal­anced fin­ish.



Chip some balls with a grad­u­ally longer and longer back­swing. If shots start to be­come er­ratic, back up the shorter swing and come slowly for­ward again. Un­der-reach: at setup, po­si­tion the ball toe side of cen­tre of the club­face and hold the lead­ing edge of the club­face be­tween the equa­tor of the ball and ground. This will as­sist in build­ing con­sis­tent clean and solid con­tact with the ball.

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