Sight dots, sight line or noth­ing at all?

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THIS may seem like a triv­ial topic to write about, but trust me when I say that for many golfers it does make a dif­fer­ence and can im­prove your putting.

My clients of­ten ask me to help them with their align­ment. My first pri­or­ity is al­ways to watch them putt out­side on our prac­tice green so I can test their align­ment in the real world and also to see if there are any pat­terns (i.e if they tend to aim too far left on left-to-right putts as op­posed to right-to-left putts, etc.)

Golfers with align­ment is­sues al­most al­ways ask about whether they should be us­ing a line on their golf ball, line on their put­ter head, etc. The eas­i­est way for me to as­sist them to de­ter­mine what they should do is put them through some sim­ple ten-ball tests on Put­tlab (see photo) us­ing a put­ter with a sight dot, one with a sight line and one with noth­ing at all. All of th­ese are done with and with­out lines on the golf ball.

I can say that for many golfers it does make a dif­fer­ence and it is very per­sonal. Some play­ers (like me) even get worse when they use a line on their ball and put­ter. From ex­pe­ri­ence, this is be­cause we are aware of the line and speed and are ‘in tune’ with our senses. Then, when we have lines to look at, we switch into ‘tech­nique-per­fect-stroke mode’ and lose our feel.

If you are hav­ing trou­ble with your put­ter align­ment or putting in gen­eral please pay me a visit at the Syd­ney Putting Stu­dio at The Ridge Golf Course, Bar­den Ridge.

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