GOLDEN HOUR Take a peek at one of the beau­ti­ful gar­dens fea­tured in Claire Takacs’s new book, Dream­scapes

Renowned gar­den photographer Claire Takacs has trav­elled the world over for her new book, Dream­scapes, show­cas­ing na­ture at its best. Here, she shares her journey through a mag­i­cal Tas­ma­nian land­scape

Inside Out (Australia) - - Editor’s Letter - WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHY CLAIRE TAKACS

Jodi Broomby’s gar­den, tucked away in Tas­ma­nia’s Ta­mar Val­ley, re­ally blew me away when, with Sally Jo­hannsohn who in­tro­duced me, I first saw it on a hot sum­mer’s day in 2016. It’s such a bril­liant com­bi­na­tion when an avid plant lover and grower com­bines this pas­sion with her artis­tic side. With Jodi’s use of colour and in­spir­ing plant­ing com­bi­na­tions, her gar­den, which wraps around her house and ad­ja­cent nurs­ery – also called Golden Hills – ex­udes en­ergy and cre­ativ­ity. She ex­plained that when she saw in­flu­en­tial Dutch gar­den de­signer Piet Ou­dolf ’s work, ‘she was in love’. Jodi has taken the nat­u­ral­is­tic style of gar­den­ing cham­pi­oned by Ou­dolf, a lead­ing fig­ure of the New Peren­nial move­ment, and run with it in her own unique way. I have seen many gar­dens with this feel and style in­ter­na­tion­ally, but very few in Australia, which is why it’s won­der­ful to see Jodi ex­per­i­ment­ing with and in­ter­pret­ing these ideas and cre­at­ing a gar­den that feels a lit­tle wilder and closer to na­ture here. In any pocket of the gar­den, you’ll fifind a mix of herbs, grasses and flflow­ers, from roses to rare peren­ni­als, as well as drought-re­sis­tant va­ri­eties, built up in lay­ers from smaller plants to larger shrubs. I hope we see more of this style of plant­ing in Australia in fu­ture.

It’s a gar­den of great pas­sion and you can feel this when you’re there. My favourite part of the gar­den this visit was at the front, where a nar­row path leads through a stun­ning plant­ing com­bi­na­tion that was back­lit by the set­ting sun to high­light Nepeta ‘Six Hills Gi­ant’, Ma­cleaya cor­data, Echinops ban­nati­cus, Achil­lea mille­folium ‘Cerise Queen’ and An­themis tinc­to­ria ‘Kel­wayi Yel­low’.

This gar­den is just a small part of a much larger prop­erty, Jodi’s fam­ily’s dairy farm. When she’s not milk­ing the cows, she is in the beds or in the prop­a­ga­tion tun­nel where she raises dozens of seedlings and cut­tings to sell through her spe­cial­ist nurs­ery, which of­fers a large range of peren­ni­als to Tas­ma­nian gar­den­ers.

This is an edited ex­tract from Dream­scapes with words and photography by Claire Takacs ($70, Hardie Grant Books), avail­able na­tion­ally.

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