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1 A“fter another riv­et­ing grand fi­nal, the Queensland Fire­birds re­peated as vic­tors of net­ball’s ANZ Cham­pi­onship. The Fire­birds’ 69-67 dou­ble ex­tra-time win, once again over the NSW Swi“s, was the first back-to-back in ANZ Cham­pi­onship his­tory ... and the last, as the trans-Tas­man comp is over­hauled from next sea­son.

2 De­spite what is seem­ingly the most air­tight case for a blan­ket ban for sys­tem­atic dop­ing, the IOC doesn’t ex­pel Rus­sia out of the Rio Olympics, in­stead pass­ing the buck to the var­i­ous sports fed­er­a­tions. Rus­sia’s track and field com­peti­tors are among the ath­letes ousted; the one Rus­sian al­lowed to com­pete, in a win for Olympic lech­ers ev­ery­where, is US-based long jumper/supermodel Darya Klishina.

3 An Aussie rules foot­baller playing in a Tas­ma­nian league be­came the 12th player to kick 200 goals in a sea­son. Ro­han Bal­dock, of South Burnie in the Dar­win Foot­ball As­so­ci­a­tion, rang up the dou­ble ton with one home-an­d­away match to spare. Bal­dock hap­pens to be South Burnie’s playing coach, so, you know, his team-mates un­der­stand that they have to get him the ball, or else.

4 A pair of brother aca­demics pub­lished a pa­per in a physics jour­nal ex­plain­ing the math­e­mat­ics of spin bowling. Aus­tralians Ian and Garry Robin­son’s cal­cu­la­tions find that grav­ity, drag and Mag­nus force have great ef­fect be­fore the ball ever hits the pitch. Ev­i­dently, the Aus­tralian cricket team didn’t read the pa­per be­fore head­ing to Sri Lanka, where the Aussies some­how lost the first Test in Kandy de­spite dis­miss­ing the hosts in the first in­nings for 116.

5 Daniel Ric­cia­rdo rang up 100 grands prix (love that plu­ral) in Ger­many, fin­ished on the podium and pulled off a shoey to cel­e­brate. Why shouldn’t racing in F1 be fun?

6 More than 3000 tests were con­ducted at the Tour de France to make sure no­body was us­ing a mo­tor in their bi­cy­cle. The sport’s or­gan­is­ing body, the UCI, hap­pily re­ports none of the tests were pos­i­tive – but we all know how to feel when the UCI tells us there are no pos­i­tive tests.

7 Jar­ryd Hayne finally ex­plains why he le“ the NFL – a lack of re­serve grade. “If I went back there to the NFL it’d be one of those things where I’d be a sec­ond- or third-string guy help­ing out, but not re­ally ge–ing a lot of game time,” he told The Locker Room pod­cast.

8 Aus­tralia wins the Quid­ditch World Cup in Ger­many, beat­ing the rest of the mug­gles at the Harry Po er

in­spired game with­out the ben­e­fit of magic. Al­ways thought that Quid­ditch had an ex­tremely strong re­sem­blance to AFL ...

9 In an in­ter­view for the ages, Mark Jack­son un­loaded on host Mike Shea­han on the vet­eran AFL jour­nal­ist’s Open Mike pro­gram. Jacko sure let peo­ple know how he re­ally felt – among the key take­aways were how much he hated Shea­han (“I hope you get can­cer”), his view on the bur­geon­ing women’s game (“I don’t think they should be in­sem­i­nated at the top level of Aus­tralian rules foot­ball”) and his thoughts on mod­ern play­ers (“false alarmists and im­pos­tors”).

10 Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was sus­pended by his team for a novel of­fence. Sale so dis­liked the team’s throw­back uni­form for an up­com­ing game that he cut his kit with a knife. To be fair, Sale had pub­lic sen­ti­ment on his side – the White Sox’s 1976 duds are widely con­sid­ered to be one of the worst baseball uni­forms ever.

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