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Sun­day, Ten, 8.30pm

El­e­men­tary gets all sci­en­tific and an­thro­po­log­i­cal on us tonight. The episode is ti­tled “Dead Clade Walk­ing”, which while a pun on se­ries Dead Man Walk­ing, is also a sci­en­tific term re­fer­ring to a group of or­gan­isms that sur­vive extinction, on­lynly to be­come ex­tinct a few mil­lion years later. Iff that doesn’t con­fuse you enough, the pres­ence of di­nosaur re­mains should. It all be­gins when Joan (Lucy Liu, right) re­vis­its one of Sher­lock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) cold cases, dis­cov­er­ing an un­solved mur­der is con­nected to a rare pre­his­toric fos­sil. Go fig­ure. Mean­while, Sher­lock’s du­ties as Randy’s (Stephen Ty­rone Wil­liams) spon­sor cross his per­sonal bound­aries.

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