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Ap­pear­ance: Ser­ra­tions on rim at tail end, large head with pro­ject­ing snout. Colour varies from black to olive green to chest­nut brown.

Other names: Ser­rated snap­ping tur­tle Habi­tat: This species is en­demic to Aus­tralia, found in swamps, bil­l­abongs and creeks from coastal Cape York Penin­sula to north­ern New South Wales, with pop­u­la­tions also noted as far south as New­cas­tle

Diet: Pri­mar­ily car­niv­o­rous, it feasts on fish, tad­poles, in­sects and frogs, and is one of only a few na­tive species ca­pa­ble of safely con­sum­ing cane toads.

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