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SHOW me one per­son who can’t live on a wage, the pen­sion, disability or the dole, and I’ll show you some­one who prob­a­bly smokes, gam­bles, buys al­co­hol, pays rent or is pay­ing a mort­gage, and goes on a cruise ev­ery year. Now I’m not say­ing any of the above is wrong (I can tick a cou­ple of them), but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you don’t par­take in the above, and don’t pay rent or have a mort­gage, you will sur­vive, but we can’t ex­pect a govern­ment to com­pen­sate us for our in­dul­gences. The only thing they will as­sist you with of the above is rent as­sis­tance – the rest is in your lap. The ques­tion is, what kind of stan­dard of liv­ing do we want? If we main­tain what we have now, then we have to pay for it in in­creased taxes or GST. I don’t mind pay­ing a broader GST to main­tain our present stan­dard of liv­ing, but if you were to ask 10 people, “Are you in favour of this in­crease to keep the sta­tus quo?”, nine of them will say no, ergo “the hor­ror budget”.



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