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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tues­day, June 10 - D. Saun­ders, K. Mur­phy def A. Ritchie, J. Short 26-9; D. Ha­ley, R. Cle­ments def M. Bold­er­son, G. Daw 16-5; B. Rayner, D. Jones def B. McKen­zie, K. Van­der­maal 25-18. Thurs­day June 12 - Joe For­mosa, P. Cole, G. Daw def M. Green, R. Hoff­mann, D. Jones 24-9; N. Munkman, P. Cole def M. Green, J. West 18-17; J. New­ton, D. Ha­ley, R. Zim­i­tat def J. New­ton, D. Pratt, K. Van­der­maal 33-13. No dates for fol­low­ing cards: B. Colebrook, P. Jack­son, R. Cle­ments def B. Rayner, J. West, J. Short 20-13; J. Hoff­mann, Joy For­mosa def N. Munkman, C. Bold­er­son 15-13; J. New­ton, P. Jack­son def L. Fuller­ton, C. Bold­er­son 14-10.

Sun­day, June 15: Isis bowlers vis­ited the Bur­gowan bowls club to play for the “Har­mony Tro­phies” which they held, and again we came home empty handed. Bur­gowan club loaned us some play­ers to make up the num­bers but it wasn’t enough to get us over the line. Bur­gowan run­ning away with a good win 130/95.

Once again we were well looked af­ter at the smoko ta­ble. A big thank you to the ladies for this. I think they feed us like this to put us off our game. (But it is well worth com­ing for). Win­ners on the day – Isis: J. Styles, D. Saun­ders, & T. Wil­liamson-Gle­ich. Bur­gowan: L.Whitby, M. Marsh, T. Darcy, C. Stroud R. Good­win. Al­though beaten, the Isis bowlers en­joyed the af­ter­noon of bowls and look for­ward to their visit to us Novem­ber 2, 2014. Isis Cen­tral Mill RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club:

Wed­nes­day So­cial: S. Camp­bell, D. Hennessey, P. Duffy def B. Dougall, Nan, M. Wilkins 33-14; Buck, J. Rann, B. Wilkins def C. Win­ter, B. Ryan, E. Hartwig 19-17.

Sun­day So­cial: E. Hartwig, B. Ryan def B. Hesse, P. Duffy 20-11; Ron Phillips, C. Win­ter, L. Hesse def B. Dougall, J. Rann, G. Car­lon 23-22.

Com­pe­ti­tion re­sults - fi­nal graded pairs: N. Hartwig, M. Wilkins def M. Clarke, E. Crowe 29-13; Triples: M. Clark, B. An­der­son, K. Rayner def N. Hartwig, D. Hennessy, P. Spokes 27-15.

Com­pe­ti­tion call Sun­day June 22 - Mixed Pairs: N. Hartwig, B. Ryan v B. Wilkins, M. Wilkins.

Call for Tues­day June 24 – Triples: P. Duffy, J. Rann, L. Hesse v E. Hartwig, B. Wilkins, M. Wilkins.

Play­ers for the McCrack­ens Cup on Satur­day, June 21 – Sin­gles: K. Rayner; Pairs: K. Find­lay, B. Find­lay; Fours: R. Phillips, B. Wilkins, P. Duffy, B. Ryan.

Com­ing events: Isis Cen­tral Mill trav­els to Gin Gin to play for the whis­tle on Satur­day, July 5.

There is a sheet on the no­tice board for this game so please write your name down for this game. Woodgate RE­SULTS of games played at theWoodgate Bowls Club:

Tues­day, June 10, was Woodgate Ladies Bowl­ing Club $1200 Ocean View two Bowl Triples Day: It was a great day with 20 teams (60) lady bowlers play­ing.

Win­ners: Skip San­dra Miers, Sec­ond M. Sin­clair, Lead A. Gold­wor­thy. Score 6 plus 32 plus mar­gin 48; Run­ners Up: Skip Janet Wil­son, Sec­ond J. Davies, Lead H. My­ers. Score 6 plus 32 plus mar­gin 43; Third. Skip Jess Can­non, V. Reitzen­stein, Lead A. Per­shouse. Score 6 plus 30.

Round 1 win­ners. Bev Stephans team; Round 2 Win­ners. Vera McMah”s team; Round 3Win­ners. Tulu Chip­pen­dale’s team.

Wed­nes­day, June 11 – Men’s So­cial: K. Aurisch, A. Ritchie, R. New­ton def T. Gre­bert, R. Cauchie, J. Crid­land 20 – 16; L. Hay­den, A. Grif­fiths, R. Weir def K. Geaney, B. Re­nouf, R. Win­zar 16 all on ends won; Jesse, M. Strano, F. Stein­back def P. Wil­liams, I. Reidy, R. Byrnes 32 – 12; G. Ib­bert­son, B. Mann, M. Cot­ton def G. Turner, W. Nel­son, R. Hen­der­son 34 – 13; J. Reeves, G. Mewett, J. John­son def P. Walk­ing­ton, R. Gould, M. Wil­liams 30 – 18; R. Hill, G. Haynes, S. Boundy def T. O’Shea, G. Upham, G. Loy­dell 23 – 20; Sleepy, Trick, I. Todd def N. Loder, G. Bishop, I. Kirby 23 – 22; C. Treacy, E. Mccaf­frey, H. Rap­pard def P. Mullins, K. El­lis, R. Bunn 28 – 17; G. Weir, M. Van der loos, D. Er­reey def P. Blank, A. Mor­ris, I. Bryant 35 – 12; K. McBur­ney, B. Cay­ley, N. Blair def J. Framp­ton, J. Har­bourne, G. Sil­ver­thorne 24 – 15; W. Benson, E. Gid­dins, D. Fer­rier def E. Soes­man, R. Royan, B. Hoff­man 27 – 23.

Thurs­day, June 12 – Mixed Twi­light Bowls: Leo Hay­den, G. Mewett, P. Fraser/Aurisch def S. Weir, E. Gid­dins, J. John­son 20 – 10; K. Aurisch, E. Bell, G. Sil­ver­thorne def Rhonda Gould, J. Kirby, C. Mil­lar­ick 19 – 14; W. Galway, Mau­rie def L. Matt­son, R. Weir 21 – 17; Lorna Hay­den, J. Mewett, G. Weir def D. Richmond, W. Reeves, R. Royan 20 – 13; P. Mullins, M. Boundy, I. Kirby def K. Geaney, J. Reeves, W. Nel­son 34 – 12; Jenny, Rob Gould, R. Byrnes def N. Loder, M. Van der loos, S. Boundy 23 – 17.

Satur­day, June 14 – Mary­bor­ough QRI bowlers jour­neyed toWoodgate join­ing with the lo­cal bowlers for a game of Mixed So­cial bowl. A great day was had by all un­til rain halted play af­ter 13 ends.

A. Ritchie, M. Hoyes, R. Royan def D. Bradock, B. Moon, D. Er­rey 18 – 7; S. Wil­son G. Poul­ton, I. Kirby def D. Richmond, B. Todd, W. Nel­son 14 – 5; K. Geaney, I. Reidy, E. He­sel­wood def K. Browne, White, M. Wil­liams 16 – 9; R. Ib­bott, R. Gee, I. Bryant def G. Ib­bert­son, E. Bell, M. Wil­son 8 all on ends won; J. Moon, J. Mewett, G. Ward def T. Pitt, P. Browne, I. Todd 18 – 3; K. Aurisch, Leo Hay­den, R. Weir def E. Gid­dins, J. Lord, S. McKenna 14 – 8; D. Benson, R. McKenna, C. Firth def J. McKenna, G. Newby, M. Gee 13 – 8; G. Weir, P, Fraser/Aurisch def M. Van der loos, B. Collins 14 – 7.


HAM­MER TIME: Jacqueline Parsons asks for a bit of hush in the peanut gallery at the Isis Cro­quet Club.

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