Serves 12–20

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½ a three-day old madeira cake, cut into cubes

1 x 125g block choco­late (fruit and nut or plain), cut into small pieces

Des­ic­cated co­conut, to coat


1 heaped ta­ble­spoon gela­tine

1 cup hot wa­ter

2 cups su­gar Food colour­ing


To make the marsh­mal­low, add gela­tine to ½ cup of hot wa­ter and stir to dis­solve.

Put su­gar and re­main­ing ½ cup hot wa­ter in a bowl and stir to dis­solve su­gar.

Add gela­tine mix­ture and a few drops of food colour­ing and beat for 10 min­utes.

Mix to­gether the cake pieces, choco­late and most of marsh­mal­low mix­ture, re­serv­ing about one cup of the marsh­mal­low for top­ping. If you par­tially freeze the cake pieces first, they will not break up as much when mix­ing.

Put mix­ture in a greased, deep 20cm round tin or mould and top with re­main­ing marsh­mal­low. Place in re­frig­er­a­tor overnight to set.

Sprin­kle co­conut over a sheet of bak­ing paper and tip the cake on to the paper to coat the top with co­conut.

Care­fully roll the side of the cake in co­conut.

Place cake on to a serv­ing plate and sprin­kle more co­conut on top if de­sired.

Tr­ish’s tips: This cake is a favourite with my fam­ily for birth­days.

For a quick, easy al­ter­na­tive use a piece of bought cake in­stead of mak­ing the madeira cake.

You can make the marsh­mal­low any colour but I think pink looks best. Green is great fun for St Patrick’s Day.


Tuck into Tr­ish Ja­cob­son’s pan­tomime cake.

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