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TUES­DAY, July 8 – C. Cham­bers, K. Van­der­maal def J. Pas­coe, D. Saun­ders 31-11; P. Parks, J. Short def F. Parks, B. Rayner 31-12; B. Bakes, K. Bakes def D. New­ton, D. Ha­ley 17-13; B. McKen­zie, G. Daw def M. Bold­er­son, D. Jones 20-7.

Thurs­day, July 10 – B. McKen­zie, P. Fuller, K. Van­der­maal def J. Pas­coe, D. Ha­ley, D. Jones 27-16; G. Cur­tis, J. Hoff­mann, C. Bold­er­son def P. Parks, J. New­ton, G. Daw 21-17; M. Green, L. Dibeua, J. Short def N. Dibeua, L. Grant, P. Jack­son 17-14.

Sun­day, July 13 - Jim, Pa­tri­cia, Rachel, Robyn def Betsy, Ken, Danny, Jane 20-19.

Com­pe­ti­tion call – Cham­pi­onship Triples. First round to be played to­day, Thurs­day, July 17, at 1pm (play, sub or for­feit) – C. Bold­er­son, P. Cole & J. New­ton v R. Zim­i­tat, J. West & P. Ashton. Win­ners from this game to play the fi­nals against P. Jack­son, D. Pratt & D. Wil­liamson-Gle­ich on Thurs­day, July 24, at 1pm.

Cham­pi­onship Pairs – first round to be played Thurs­day, July 31, at 1pm (play, sub or for­feit) – C. Bold­er­son & P. Cole v R. Zim­i­tat & J. New­ton. Win­ners from this game to play the fi­nals against P. Jack­son & D. Pratt on Sun­day, Au­gust 3, at 1pm.

Thurs­day, July 24, will be our Christ­mas in July event.

Isis Cen­tral Mill

RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club:

Wed­nes­day So­cial: Ron Phillips, B. Dougall, D. Hennessey def Buck, C. Win­ter E. Crowe 23-8.

Sun­day So­cial: C. Win­ter, E. Hartwig def Nan, E. Crowe 26-13; B. An­der­son, B. Ryan, B. Dougall def He­len, J. Rann, D. Fewquandie 22-13.

Com­ing events: Bur­gowan vis­its Isis Cen­tral Mill on Au­gust 3 to play for the Mor­rie Rous­ton Me­mo­rial Shield.

Pen­nants start on Au­gust 9 with the first game to be played at home. The teams are on the no­tice­board.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tues­day – Ladies Con­sis­tency Sin­gles: K. Hen­der­son def J. Gibson 150-115; R. Bishop def B. Duff 150-130; R. Love def M. Old­field 152-123.

Ladies B-grade sin­gles– L. Matt­son def D. Ens­bey 25-6.

Ladies So­cial – L. Coss­grove, J. Mitchell, J. Cur­tis def V. Bird, K. Nea­gle, H. Haeusler 16-13; S. Al­sop, D. Brody, K. Speers def E. Atku, P. Baker, K. Ellery 21-14; A. Clarke, B. Moon def M. Ib­bert­son, J. Mewett 37- 4; E. Too­good, M. Kerr def S. Cameron, A. Van der loos 30-15; R. Gould, S. Weir, G. Mor­ris def Ngaire, Kay, P. Rap­pard 25-10; T. Wil­son, E. Bell, M. Wil­son def A. Sleep, Y. Turner, G. Newby 18-14.

Wed­nes­day, July 9 –Men’s So­cial: L. Tay­lor, L. Mar­shall, R. Gesch def G. Rap­pard, J. Nea­gle, H. Rap­pard 21-19; I. Har­ris, C. Ens­bey, J. Brody def K. Sleep, Trick, E. Gid­dins 29-7; B. Cay­ley, I. Todd, A. Grif­fiths def A. Ritchie, W. Galway, P. West 21-19; A. Mor­ris, W. Nel­son, M. Cot­ton def N. Wil­son, S. Wil­son, B. Wil­son 21-19; G. Ec­cert, A. Camp­bell, B. Jenk­ins def G. Kerr, G. Wal­ters, Pud Kee 32-12; L. Wechel, G. Madsen, K. Kelly def T. O’Shea, R. Gould, R. Cos­grove 19-18; R. Close, Pine Rivers, G. Weir, Pine Rivers def D. Smith, Pine Rivers, A. Rowe Pine Rivers 22-13; K. Al­sop, F. Rus­sell, C. Mur­phy def N. Too­good, B. Den­nehy, R. Win­zar 19-17; R. Hill, G. Bishop, R. Hoff­man def A. Moor­combe, I, Bryant, R. Cur­tis 36-11; N. Loder, P. Royan, R. Hen­der­son def L. Hay­den, G. Haynes, D. Er­rey 23-8; W. Benson, J. John­son, B. Hoff­man def J. Reeves, N. Blair, G. Ib­bert­son 20-18; P. Walk­ing­ton, O. Cook, B. Mor­rell def J. Lacey, R. Cauchi, D. Haeusler 23-15; B. Warfield, B. Rev­ell, D. Firth def J. Moon, K. Aurisch, I. Baker 29-10; P. Blank, K. An­drews, E. Cameron def C. Quin­ton, P. Wil­liams, G. Sil­ver­thorne 21-15; G. Loy­dell, G. Sum­mers, B. Gibson def G. Turner, R. Weir, M. Strano 23-19.

Thurs­day, July 19 - Woodgate July Fours: 28 teams (112 bowlers) con­tested the An­nual Woodgate July Fours.

Over­all Win­ners. Lead. Clive Stark. Sec­ond. Alan Warner. Third. C. Toft. Skip. Mick Tobin. Score 3 wins mar­gin 36; Run­ners Up. Lead. Col Ens­bey, Sec­ond. Ge­orge Weir, Third. G. Den­ning. Skip. Frank Mil­l­er­ick. Score 3 wins mar­gin 20 points; Third. Lead. Rob Per­shouse. Sec­ond. John Jar­dine. Third. Tom Woodcock. Skip. Ian McCracken. Score 3 wins mar­gin 15 points.

Round 1 win­ner. Team skipped by Rob­bie Bunn; Round 2Win­ner. Team skipped by Bruce Gibson; Round 3 win­ner. Team skipped by Ash­ley Rowe.

Satur­day, July 12 - Mixed So­cial: B. Den­nehy, D. Er­rey def B. Mann, W. McUtchen 25-14; J. Mewett, R. Weir def G. Mewett, G. Ib­bert­son 21-12; A. Ritchie, R. Ib­bott def G. Black­man, D. Black­man 30-10; D. Brody, J. Brody def L. An­der­son, J. An­der­son 33-11; N. Blair, B. Gibson def G. Weir, R. Royan 26-18; A. Mor­combe, I. Bryant def B. Rev­ell, J. John­son 25-13.

Sun­day, July 13 - State of Ori­gin. Vic­to­ria V Queens­land. 28 teams (to­tal 84 bowlers) con­tested the Woodgate Bowlers State of Ori­gin Bowls com­pe­ti­tion held an­nu­ally be­tween Vic­to­rian (res­i­dents and ex­pats) and Queens­land (res­i­dents and ex­pats), with Vic­to­ria run­ning out the win­ners. Vic­to­ria. Score 16Wins. D. Er­rey W-1. R. Morrall W-0. R. Kee. 2W+3. B. Moon –11. A. Camp­bell W-0. J. Brody 2W+14. J. Nea­gle 2W+6. K. Sheers W-6; M. Wil­son –6. L. DiBella -29. B. Jenk­ins W+8. E. Cameron 2W+17. W. McUtchen W+1. B. Den­nehy 2W+11.

Queens­land. Score 12 Wins.

R. Hen­der­son W–1. K. Hen­der­son W-1 .R. Win­zar. –5. R. Royan W+2. B. Gibson –10. R. Hoff­man -11. R. Weir W+1; G. Weir 2W+18. C. Ens­bey W+4. R. Ib­bott W+11. C. Mur­phy –12; L. Matt­son W+4. B. Cay­ley 2W+19. E. BellW–6.

Win­ners (Vic­to­ria). Win­ners. E. Camer­ton, D. Brody, Rob Gould 2W+17.

Run­ners-up. J. Brody, K. Ellery, Rhonda Gould 2w+14.

Win­ners losers (Queens­land.) B. Cay­ley, S. Weir, W. Benson 2W+19.

Run­ners-up losers. G. Weir, D. Ens­bey, C. Cay­ley 2W+18.

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