Har­vest picks up ur­gency: Isis Mill crush re­port

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CANE har­vest­ing con­tin­ues to fo­cus on cane that has been se­verely im­pacted by the frosts that oc­curred in early July.

These frosts, which oc­curred across the en­tire re­gion, have caused some cane va­ri­eties to de­te­ri­o­rate quickly.

CCS lev­els fell slightly this week, with 13.14 units recorded, com­pared to the 13.38 units recorded in the first week of the 2014 sea­son.

This strengthens the ur­gency to har­vest frost-im­pacted cane as CCS loss can be di­rectly linked to plant tis­sue dam­age.

The mill pro­cessed 61,695 tonnes of cane through the rollers this week.

To date 94,795 tonnes of the ex­pected 1,020,000 tonnes has been pro­cessed.

Fac­tory re­li­a­bil­ity has been good and mo­lasses stocks, which had been ex­hausted due to the long dry pe­riod and the de­layed start to the 2014 sea­son har­vest, are slowly be­ing re­plen­ished.

Mud Trucks are back in ac­tion de­liv­er­ing Fil­ter­press to fal­low blocks across the re­gion.

Grow­ers are re­minded to take ex­tra fire pre­cau­tions due to the im­pact the frost and very dry con­di­tions is hav­ing on fo­liage.

The dry con­di­tions, while ideal for har­vest­ing, are hav­ing an im­pact on the stand­ing crop.

Ir­ri­ga­tion will be re­quired to keep stand­ing cane in sound con­di­tion and rain­fall would be very wel­come.

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