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FOR many peo­ple, turn­ing 50 seems to be when you start de­vel­op­ing all sorts of aches and pains.

Peo­ple then use these aches and pains as another rea­son to avoid ex­er­cise.

But iron­i­cally, ex­er­cise can of­ten be the very cure for those ail­ments – as long as you go about it the right way.

Here are some steps to take if you haven’t ex­er­cised in a while but would like to start feel­ing the ben­e­fits of reg­u­lar ex­er­cise in your life.

Start with see­ing your doc­tor for a com­plete health check if you haven’t ex­er­cised for a long time.

You could also con­sider see­ing a per­sonal trainer who can tailor a train­ing pro­gram spe­cific to your needs.

Make sure you have shoes that are cor­rectly fit­ted.

The wrong shoe can cause knee pain, shin splints, blis­ters and cal­luses.

An ill-fit­ting shoe can also in­crease the like­li­hood of fall­ing and con­sid­er­ing falls are the lead­ing cause of in­jury for peo­ple aged 54–64, it’s worth pay­ing a visit to a spe­cial­ist shoe store.

You should also wear loose, cool and com­fort­able clothes when ex­er­cis­ing. Start slowly. Many peo­ple make the mis­take of go­ing too hard or too fast when they be­gin and they can end up sore or even in­jured and be­come dis­cour­aged.

Cold mus­cles are more prone to in­jury than warm ones, so spend at least five min­utes, or even more if the weather is cold, warm­ing up the mus­cles with easy ex­er­cise, like walk­ing.

You need to cool down af­ter your work out to help your heart and breath­ing rates re­turn to nor­mal.

Learn and use the proper tech­nique for ev­ery type of ex­er­cise you do.

Whether it is jog­ging or aqua aer­o­bics, it’s im­por­tant to learn the cor­rect tech­nique to get the most from your work­out and re­duce the risk of in­jury.

Do some reg­u­lar gen­tle stretch­ing.

If you have never stretched be­fore, your mus­cles can be­come elas­tic.

Stretch­ing helps pre­vent stiff­ness, main­tains joint mo­bil­ity and works as a won­der­ful re­lax­ant af­ter a long day.

Try to do a va­ri­ety of ex­er­cises.

In­clude ex­er­cise that in­creases mus­cle strength, in­creases flex­i­bil­ity and im­proves your car­dio­vas­cu­lar fit­ness.

Re­sist It Bands are strong on mus­cles and gen­tle on joints.

For a va­ri­ety of safe ex­er­cises check out www.re­sis­tit­bands.com.

Keep in mind that overuse of mus­cles can cause in­jury – so don’t overdo it.

The great news is that reg­u­lar ex­er­cise can help you stay healthy for longer.

Leanne Shorter is a qual­i­fied Older Adults Trainer and Heart Foun­da­tion Heart­moves Leader.

For more rea­sons why you should make time to ex­er­cise reg­u­larly, head to www.re­sis­tit­bands.com.


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