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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club: Tues­day, July 29 – D. Saun­ders, A. Ritchie, R. Cle­ments def D. Saun­ders, B. McKen­zie, D. Ha­ley 16–14; D. Jones, J. Short def M. Bold­er­son, R. Wil­liams 18–12; B. Bakes, K. Bakes def R. Saun­ders, K. Van­der­maal 19–10. Thurs­day, July 31 – R. Dick­en­son, J. Hoff­mann, K. Van­der­maal def E. Dick­en­son, D. Pratt, D. Ha­ley 23–11; M. Styles, B. Rayner, Joy For­mosa def J. For­mosa, A. Greg, P. Cole 29–13 and win­ning rink; N. Munkman, P. Jackson, D. Jones def L. Grant, M. Green, J. Short 30–15. Satur­day, Au­gust 2 – 22 lo­cals got to­gether for a so­cial af­ter­noon of bare­foot bowls rais­ing money for the Can­cer Coun­cil. It was a nice af­ter­noon with the play­ers en­joy­ing their bowls and par­tic­i­pat­ing in the many raf­fles. Some of the play­ers are tak­ing part in the up­com­ing Re­lay For Life Fun Run/walk. Good luck girls, it is for a good cause. It was good to see them all hav­ing fun maybe some­day they could take lawn bowls up as a sport. Sun­day, Au­gust 3 – Some Childers bowlers joined with mem­bers of the Bur­rum Heads Bowls Club for a nice lunch be­fore hit­ting the green play­ing for a tro­phy made by our late mem­ber Kevin Baker. Bur­rum Heads were too good for us on the day run­ning out win­ners 165 to 133. Our pres­i­dent Trevor had the hon­our of pre­sent­ing the tro­phy back to pres­i­dent Mal of the Bur­rum Heads club. We look for­ward to our visit to Bur­rum Heads in 2015. It was good to see all rinks in use with 50 bowlers en­joy­ing each other’s com­pany. One of the vis­it­ing bowlers, Mar­ion, liked our spe­cial kitty. Win­ners on the day vis­i­tors M. Ty­d­hof, J. Gay, A. Kal­man, and J. Redman. Isis win­ners – B. Rodgers, D. Wil­liamson-Gle­ich, M. Styles, P. Jackson. Thanks to Chris and her kitchen staff for a nice lunch and af­ter­noon tea also the bar staff for look­ing af­ter the bowlers.

Isis Cen­tral Mill

RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club: Wed­nes­day bowls – no cards avail­able. Sun­day we played Bur­gowan for the Mor­rie Rous­ton Memo­rial Shield. A great af­ter­noon was had by all who at­tended. Bur­gowan were the win­ners on the day de­feat­ing Isis Cen­tral Mill by just two shots. Bur­gowan 139 to Isis Cen­tral Mill 137. Con­grat­u­la­tions to Bur­gowan. Lucky rink win­ners for Bur­gowan – A. Trem­lin, E. Pol­lard, C. Strond, T. McAuliffe. Isis Cen­tral Mill win­ners – Deb Ma­her, M. Clarke, M. Ma­hert, K. Roach. Lucky lead for Bur­gowan – T. Sken­ntal, 2nd R. Wil­son, 3rd K Thomp­son, Skip R. Good­man. Lucky lead for Isis Cen­tral Mill – S. Camp­bell, 2nd Nan, 3rd B. Ryan, skip, D Hen­nessey. Com­pe­ti­tion call for Au­gust 6 – Fi­nal Mixed Pairs: B. Wilkins, M. Wilkins v B. Hesse, P. Duffy. Pen­nant teams for Satur­day Au­gust 9, played at home. Play starts at 1pm sharp. Team 1: E. Hartwig, E. Crowe, T. Lin­coln, R. Phillips; Team 2: M. Clarke, B. Ryan, B. An­der­son, K. Rayner; Team 3: D. Hen­nessey, J. Rann, K. Find­lay.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club: Tues­day, July 29 – Ladies’ So­cial: R. Bishop, J. Cur­tis def A. Win­zar, C. Hoff­man 21 – 18; M. Baulch, J. Mitchell def A. Mar­shall, G. Mor­ris 18 – 15; D. Bret­tell, A. Au­mann, Y. Turner def D. Rich­mond, S. Weir, L. Alexan­der 23 – 10; H. Danziger, B. Moon, Y. Kee def E. Wid­di­son, Z. Watson, G. Newby 17 – 16; M. Smith, A. Cli­mas, P. Fraser/Aurisch def D. Brody, R. Gould, P. Rap­pard 24 – 10; C. Close, S. Loy­dell, S. Cameron def C. Cay­ley, G. Arnold, K. Ellery 25 – 19; K. Nea­gle, D. Ben­son, S. Brown def M. Kerr, G. Rev­ell, H. Swan 19 – 16; B. Moon, Mau­reen, H. Haeusler def Z. Cook, C. Bar­bary, E. Bell 19 – 15; Ann, M. Tay­lor, K. Hen­der­son def V. Bird, Mau­reen, L. Matt­son 16 – 15. Wed­nes­day, July 30 – Men’s So­cial: R. Close, K. Fiske, J. Brody def K. Mitchell, W. Ben­son, R. Bunn 25 – 12; Dennis, G. Ib­bert­son, K. Kelly def D. Keat­ing, D. Ha­ley, R. Royan 28 – 12; G. Loy­dell, G. Weir, G. Sum­mers def R. Cauchi, J. Nea­gle, D. But­ler 24 – 10; P. Wil­liams, D. Fer­rier, G. Mad­sen def T. O’Shea, M. Wil­liams, A. Camp­bell 35 – 18; G. Kerr, R. Roger, I. Hol­ley def L. Hay­den, L. Er­bacher, C. Ens­bey 23 – 20; R. Hill, B. Cay­ley. E. Cameron def P. Blank, E. Soes­man, B. Hoff­man 15 – 13; M. Les­lie, R. Ste­wart, G. Sil­ver­thorne def A. Mor­ris, M. Quinn, R. Alexan­der 32 – 17; N. Loder, E. McCaf­frey, B. Au­mann def G. Turner, B. Warfield, R. Cle­ments 21 – 13; B. Rev­ell, G. Mewett, R. Win­zar def K. Aurisch, J. Boys, R. Hoff­man 21 – 19; B. Wil­son, G. Haynes, B. Sheers def L. Bret­tell, B. Arnold, C. Treacy 27 – 16; T. Gre­bert, K. Van­der­mall, B. Jenk­ins def L. Tay­lor, J. Edgar, G. Wal­ters 33 – 8; I. Har­ris, W. Nel­son, D. Er­rey def N. Blair, M. Van der loos, B. Mor­rell 20 – 16; A. Ritchie, R. Gould, I. Brown def O. Cook, J. John­son, P. West 27 – 13; R. Fraser, G. Ellery, I. Bryant def A. Bishop, D. Wigney, R. Weir 22 – 19; B. Breb­ner, Trick, R. Swan def K. Sleep, E. Gid­dins, J. Daniels 17 – 14; P. Walk­ing­ton, N. Bevridge, I. Todd def P. Knaggs, G. Scott, A. Mor­combe 17 – 12. Thurs­day, July 31 – Jack­pot Triples: L. McConchie, I. Todd def S. Brown, E. Gid­dins 29 – 17; P. Knaggs, C. Gra­hame def J. Baulch, B. Arnold 26 – 21; R. Fraser, L. Cooper, M. Houghton def D. Rich­mond, C. Bar­bary, G. Ellery 22 – 21; P. Walk­ing­ton, B. Hin­ton, B. Cay­ley def C. Cay­ley, C. Breb­ner, C. Firth 25 – 9; M. Kerr, G. Lenz, J. John­son def G. Arnold, J. Mitchell, J. Mewett 19 – 10; L. Er­bacher, l. Matt­son, G. Kerr def L. Bret­tell, Leo Hay­den, P. Fraser/Aurisch 24 – 20; J. Moon, D. Brody, B. Mor­rell def Lorna Hay­den, K. Aurisch, I. Brown 21 – 13; C. Gib­son, B. Breb­ner, B. Moon def E. Wid­di­son, A. Houghton, A. Camp­bell 18 – 17; K. Nea­gle, R. Gould, C. Wid­di­son def G. Evans, A. Knaggs, K. Ellery 20 – 15; B. Fraser, R. Gould, K. Sheers def B. Er­bacher, E. Bell, J. Brody 40 – 7; H. Danziger, D. Bea­z­ley, G. Mewett def N. Loder, B. Cooper, D. Er­rey 22 – 13. Fri­day, Au­gust 1 – Men’s Open Triples: G. Sil­ver­thorne, R. Win­zar, R. Bunn def C. Treacy, D. Haeusler, D. Firth 30 – 23. Mixed So­cial: B. Au­mann, B. Rev­ell def M. Blanch, M. Kerr 26 – 6; C. Gib­son, G. Evans def J. Edgar, B. Jenk­ins 24 – 14; B. Lin­quist, A. Lin­quist def A. Au­mann, N. Del­bridge 29 – 8; M. Housh­ton, A. Housh­ton def D. Keat­ing, C. Firth 21 – 10; L. Alexan­der, R. Alexan­der def G. Arnold, B. Arnold 29 – 6. Satur­day, Au­gust 2 – Mixed So­cial: A. Houghton, C. Gib­son, M. Houghton def G. Arnold, A. Essery, B. Arnold 35 – 7; N. Blair, E. McCaf­frey, G. Weir def A. Ritchie, J. Ward, West 31 – 29; C. Gra­hame, K. Frisk def B. Gib­son, S. Man­son 26 – 25; B. Lin­quist, A. Lin­quist def D. Brody, J. Brody 28 – 21. Sun­day, Au­gust 3 – The Barkala Cup played for an­nu­ally be­tween Woodgate res­i­dent bowlers and Woodgate Beach Tourist Park bowlers was won by Woodgate Res­i­dents with a mar­gin of 3. Over­all score be­ing 318 points to 315 points. 128 bowlers en­joyed the af­ter­noon bowls in­clud­ing the fierce com­pe­ti­tion be­tween the two sides, rounding the day off with a din­ner at night. Z. Cook, S. Weir, G. Mewett, B. Hoff­man 21 v S. Cameron, P. Roberts, J. Baulchi, D. Roberts 23; Leo Hay­den, M. Van der loos, L. McConchi, H. Haeusler 30 v P. Knaggs, A. Cli­mas, L. Fiske, S. Man­son 17; D. Bret­tel, C. Bar­bary, Trick, D. Haeusler 31 v A. Marks, K. Nea­gle, R. Ste­wart, P. Fraser/Aurisch 10; M. Quinn, E. Bell, A. Van der loos, M. Houghton 18 v C. Breb­ner, K. Aurisch, Rob Gould, I. Bryant 19; Lorna Hay­den, B. Hin­ton, E. Gid­dins, E. McCaf­frey 10 v N. Del­bridge, J. Moon, I. Brown, G. Ellery 31; D. Rich­mond, M. Tay­lor, D. Ens­bey, R. Weir 25 v G. Aluman, D. Keat­ing, B. Au­mann, J. Nea­gle 21; G. Evans, D. Ben­son, C. Ens­bey, G. Weir 14 v D. Brody, B. Arnold, D. But­ler, B. Martin 20; C. Cay­ley, R. Bishop, A. Knaggs, A. Essery 22 v P. Blank, C. Close, K. Sheers, E. Cameron 17; L. Bret­tell, J. Gib­son, G. Newby, R. Royan 2 v B. Breb­ner, B. Warfield, M. Baulott, B. Jenk­ins 13; G. Lenz, G. Ib­bert­son, W. Ben­son, B. Gib­son 27 v R. Roger, J. Mitchell, K. Ellery, J. Brody 15; O. Cook, M. Old­field, J. Ward, B. Cay­ley 15 v A. Au­mann, J. Edgar, B. Sheers, J. Cur­tis 13; B. Cooper, A. Houghton, G. Bishop, D. Er­rey 13 v M. Les­lie, G. Rev­ell, G. Mor­ris, B. Mor­rell 35; A. Sleep, M. Ib­bert­son, C. Gib­son , R. Alexan­der 16 v B. Fraser, B. Rev­ell, B. Moon, C. Wid­di­son 20; L. Cooper, L. Tay­lor, L. Alexan­der, C. Firth 18 v L. Mar­shall, E. Wid­di­son, A. Camp­bell, R. Cur­tis 23; K. Sleep, B. Er­rey, Z. Watson, R. Hoff­man 25 v R. Gould, A. Mar­shall, G. Cli­mas, D. Wigney 19; N. Loder, J. Mewett, C. Hoff­man, B. Mann 11 v R. Fraser, R. Close, S. Brown, B. Den­nehy 19. Team Win­ners Over­all. Bob Mor­rell plus 22; Team Run­ners Up Over­all. Daryl Haeusler plus 21; Woodgate Team Win­ners. Heather Haeusler plus 13; Woodgate Team Run­ners Up. Rob Royan plus 9; Park Team Win­ners. Gra­ham Ellery plus 21; Park Team Win­ners. Brian Den­nehy plus 8.

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