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WHEN will it end? Re­fer­ring to head-on crash and loss of two lives on Isis Hwy. An­swer. Never. Why? Be­cause there are too many self­ish, idiot driv­ers on the road. The roads are be­ing blamed but, as I have said be­fore, it is the idiot driv­ers on them. They are in too much of a hurry to get to hell and, un­for­tu­nately, they also take in­no­cent peo­ple with them. Last week alone my friend and I passed two ac­ci­dents in three days on the same high­way and in the same stretch of road and now an­other two in­no­cent lives have been taken. We fre­quently ob­serve cars over­tak­ing on dou­ble lines on our way between Childers and Bund­aberg. Over­tak­ing on bends and bridges, over­tak­ing two to three cars at a time and of­ten mak­ing other driv­ers take eva­sive ac­tion or having to slow down to let in the id­iots. P platers and trucks are the worst. Last week my friend had to slow down to pre­vent a head-on crash as a driver passed an­other on a bridge. Reg­u­la­tors should be at­tached to all trucks and P platers to al­low 100kmh only and in­spected by po­lice of­ten. Also have plain cars with po­lice in them driv­ing along the high­ways ob­serv­ing the idiot driv­ers. In­stead of sit­ting on var­i­ous points of the road with radars fill­ing the money cof­fers, start book­ing the id­iots and you will get more rev­enue. I just hope that one day it will not be my­self or some­one I know that will be killed by plain stu­pid­ity. DIANE STYLES Childers

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