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RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tues­day, Au­gust 26 – Jack­pot Pairs: R. Saun­ders, D. Ha­ley def B. Rayner, B. McKen­zie 17–14; A. Ritchie, D. Jones def J. Short, R. Wil­liams 20–19.

Thurs­day, Au­gust 28 – Joe For­mosa, Joy For­mosa, B. Rayner, R. Zim­i­tat def L. Grant, B. Rodgers, J. West, D. Pratt 24–15; R. Dick­en­son, J. Hoff­mann, C. Bold­er­son def E. Dick­en­son, M. Green, D. Ha­ley 23–10.

Sun­day, Au­gust 31 – L. Grant, J. Pas­coe, B. Rodgers def K. Rus­sell, N. Monkman, P. Ash­ton 28–8.

Ladies Cham­pi­onship Triples Game re­sult, played on Au­gust 22 – M. Green, J. West, R. Zim­i­tat def J. New­ton, P. Cole, C. Bold­er­son 17–15.

Good to see a few more turn­ing up for bowls, let’s keep it up.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Isis Cen­tral Mill Bowls Club:

Wed­nes­day, Au­gust 20 – B. Dougall, B. Hesse, T. Lin­coln def C. Win­ter, N, Lin­coln, E. Crowe 19–14; S. Camp­bell, J. Rann, P. Duffy def M. Camp­bell, B. Ryan, L. Hesse 19–17.

Satur­day, Au­gust 23 – pen­nants – Bur­nett def ICM 74–41.

Sun­day, Au­gust 24 – C. Win­ter, B. Ryan, T. Lin­coln def Ron Phillips, N. Lin­coln, D. Fewquandie 23–20; M. Camp­bell, B. Hesse, E. Crowe def B. Dougall, S. Camp­bell, L. Hesse 29–12.

Wed­nes­day, Au­gust 27 – B. Dougall, C. Win­ter, L. Hesse def S. Camp­bell, B. Hesse, M. Camp­bell 26–14.

Satur­day, Au­gust 30 – Pen­nants – Bar­gara def ICM 78–40.

Sun­day, Au­gust 31 – T. Lin­coln, S Camp­bell, Ron Phillips drew B. Dougall, N. Lin­coln, C. Win­ter 19–19.

Pen­nant teams to play Woodgate Septem­ber 6 – E. Crowe, E. Hartwig, G. Car­lon, T. Lin­coln; B. Ryan, B. An­der­son, K. Rayner, D. Fewquandie; J. Rann, K. Find­lay, B. Find­lay, R. Phillips. Skips to ar­range trans­port if any play­ers un­avail­able con­tact games di­rec­tor ASAP.


RE­SULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tues­day, Au­gust 26 – Ladies Pres­i­dents and Gala Day. Bowlers from 13 Bund­aberg Dis­trict Ladies Bowl­ing Clubs, Woodgate Ladies and vis­it­ing hol­i­day mak­ers helped make Ladies Pres­i­dent Wendy’s day a huge suc­cess. Great weather, bright and sunny much to ev­ery­one’s en­joy­ment.

Robyn, Les­ley, Betty, He­len (Moore Park) def B. Thomp­son, A. Win­zar, A. Mar­shall, C. Firth 32 – 7; J. Bed­ford, L. McCal­lum, A. Kee­gan, C. Pick­wick (Bur­nett) def E. Short, M. Ib­bert­son, G. Mor­ris, P. Rap­pard 23 – 18; M. Wil­liamson, V. Bird, L. Matt­son, K. Ellery def B. Foul­ger, J. Smart, J. Roberts, M. Clark (El­liott Heads) 22 – 14; M. Smith, R. Bishop, Y. Turner, K. Hen­der­son def M. Green, J. New­ton, R. Zim­i­tat, C. Bold­er­son (Isis) 16 – 11; Sylvia K, G. We­ston, J. Leeson, J. Hop­wood (ATW) def L. Hay­den, C. Hoff­man, P. Fraser/Aurisch, P. Hansen 16 – 15; B. Gib­son, A. Goldsworth, A. Cum­mings, L. Stack­man (Bur­nett) def E. Leis, W. Searle, D. Sch­midt, M. Roberts (Brothers) 31 – 6; S. Weir, G. Lenz, A. Van der loos, D. Ens­bey def D. David­son, H. Bence, A. Payne, Z. Wat­son (Past Pres­i­dents) 24 – 13; J. Kelly, E. Bell, W. Reeves, Y. El­lis def M. Sinclair, M. Old­field, A. Per­shouse, G. Witt (BDBA) 15 – 11; G. Brown­ing, S. Sparke, E. Hop­ton, C. Marcinkus (Bund­aberg) def M. Wooldridge, T. Zim­i­tat, Y. Mills, B. Dun­stan (Gin Gin) 30 – 13; V. Pow­ell, C. Pit­t­away, B. Watts, S. Bianchi (Bar­gara) def C. Cay­ley, H. Danziger, J. Mewett, S. Cameron 20 – 10; D. Bret­tell, S. Loy­dell, K. Sheers, H. Haeusler 21. S. Pen­ning­ton, C. Machin, A. Rod­mann, N. Mickel (Easts) 21. Men’s B-grade Pairs Semi Fi­nal: J. John­son, K. Kelly def P. Wil­liams, A. Grif­fiths 23 – 19. Men’s B-grade Sin­gles: G. Weir def R. Weir 26 – 15.

Wed­nes­day, Au­gust 27 – Men’s So­cial: J. Lacey, N. Blair, G. Sum­mers def S. Fer­gu­son, G. Mewett, G. Wil­liamson 29 – 18; P. Walk­ing­ton, E. Gid­dins, B. Hoff­man def T. Stubbs, J. Reeves, R. Bunn 16 – 15; T. O’Shea, B. Sheers, H. Rap­pard def E. Cameron, Trick, L. Bret­tell 26 – 16; G. Turner, G. Ib­bert­son, K. Duthie def L. Hay­den, B. Rayner, A. Camp­bell 17 – 10; L. Wech­sel, B. Wilson, R. Snelling def J. John­son, G. Lang, G. Weir 17 – 8; K. El­lis, E. McCaf­frey def G. Loy­dell, R. Hoff­man 22 – 6; K. An­drews, E. Soes­man, R. Byrnes def K. Alexan­der, W. Lo­gan, A. Essery 19 – 5; N. Loder, I. Reidy, R. Win­zar def C. Quin­ton, D. Fer­rier, C. Treacey 20 – 8; P. Wil­liams, I. Todd, J. Daniels def L. Mar­shall, C. Ens­bey, M. Quinn 15 – 14; J. Gard­ner, M. Van der loos, R. Weir def K. Geaney, J. Cheers, R. Cle­ments 21 – 13; D. Keat­ing, R. Cauchi, G. Sil­ver­thorne def L. Tay­lor, G. Haynes, I. Kirby 14 – 13; J. Har­bourne, G. Scott, M. Strano def D. Speirs, B. Cay­ley, R. Hen­der­son 13 – 12; B. Warfield, W. Nel­son, G. Ellery def K. Aurisch, G. Bishop, R. Royan 24 – 13.

Thurs­day, Au­gust 28 – Mixed Jack­pot Triples: J. Lacey, G. Mewett, W. Nel­son def S. Spiers, B. Hin­ton, J. Mewett 24 – 13; M. Wil­liams, W. Reeves, I. Kirby def H. Danziger, L. McConchie, M. Strano 23 – 9; J. Kelly, G. Weir def S. Weir, J. Reid 20 – 16; S. Fer­gu­son, J. Kirby, R. Byrnes def C. Cay­ley, S. Reid, K. Ellery 27 – 11; J. John­son, A. Camp­bell def N. Hutchin­son, G. Ellery 17 – 14; O. Fer­gu­son, L. Matt­son, R. Weir def B. Hutchin­son, E. Bell, G. Wil­liamson 22 – 18; H. Spencer, B. Speirs, B. Cay­ley def J. Brooks, C. Spencer, M. Van der loos 23 – 17.

Satur­day, Au­gust 30 – Dis­trict Pen­nants: Di­vi­sion 1.Woodgate 2 wins plus mar­gin 12 def Moore Park 1 win mi­nus 12 at Moore Park; Di­vi­sion 2. Woodgate 2 1/2 wins plus 28 def Moore Park 1/2 win mi­nus 28 at Woodgate; Di­vi­sion 3. ATW 2 wins plus 1 def Woodgate 1 win mi­nus 1 at Woodgate; Di­vi­sion 4. A T W 2 wins plus 16 def Woodgate 1 win mi­nus 16 at ATW; Di­vi­sion 5. Woodgate 1 win plus 11 def Gin 1 win mi­nus 11 at Gin.

Sun­day, Au­gust 31 – Men’s B-grade Sin­gles: G. Sil­ver­thorne def G. Weir 24 – 22. Men’s B-grade Pairs: W. Ben­son, I. Todd def J. John­son, K. Kelly 19 – 12.

Mixed So­cial: G. Bishop, L. Matt­son, R. Win­zar def N. Loder, B. Hin­ton, K. Ellery 31 – 10; B. Hutchin­son, J. Mewett, G. Ellery def S. Weir, G. Newby, C. Spencer 20 – 14; N. Hutchin­son, P. Fraser/Aurisch def M. Van der loos, G. Sum­mers 21 – 18; R. Bishop, D. Ens­bey, G. Wil­liams def M. Wil­liamson, A. Van der loos, M. Quinn 24 – 21; A. Win­zar, K. Aurisch, B. Aniletells def H. Spencer, L. McConchie, R. Weir 22 – 20.


RUGBY LEAGUE: The Un­der 15 Easts Black team de­feated the Easts White team 22-18 last­week­end at the grand fi­nals. Back (l-r) Chloe Cur­tis, Latisha Burns, Jas­mine Fagg, Takiyah Na­gas. Mid­dle (l-r) Sharna Cur­tis, Ta­tiana Pym (Childers), Siob­han Bowe-Fern­ley, Rahni Keith, Ben Keith (coach). Front (l-r) Tem­isha Leali­ifano and Sa­man­tha Bartlett (Childers).

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