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IN MY line of work, I come across peo­ple who are for­ever try­ing to lose weight.

The sad thing is, they have pre­vi­ously lost weight, and then put it back on (plus some more), and now they are start­ing to lose weight all over again.

This is the “Yo-Yo diet” dilemma.

There are so many “quick fixes” ad­ver­tised on so­cial me­dia at the mo­ment.

You can get a 30-day chal­lenge to do just about any­thing.

A bikini body in five weeks, a to­tal body trans­for­ma­tion in 12 and the prom­ise of rapid weight loss if you eat like a cave­man, or bet­ter still, don’t eat at all – just drink meal re­place­ments.

No won­der we find it so hard to know what to do.

Per­son­ally I have never been on any of th­ese “di­ets” or “trans­for­ma­tion” ex­er­cise pro­grams.

I’d like to share with you what I know to be the only way to be healthy and stay healthy.

It is not a “quick fix” and it’s not trendy or glam­orous, but it works.

If you wanted to make money, would you go to some­one who had made a for­tune and then lost it all, or would you go to some­one who had made some money and con­tin­ues to make money day in and day out?

Of course you would ask the ad­vice of the guy who has the money and has kept it – so why do so many peo­ple do the op­po­site with their health?

To use the money anal­ogy again: your health is like a bank ac­count.

You just need to keep putting lit­tle bits in the bank con­sis­tently to grow your bal­ance.

With your health, you need to do a bit of reg­u­lar ex­er­cise and eat mostly healthy on a con­sis­tent ba­sis.

The more you are con­sis­tent with your sav­ing, the more money you have.

If you ne­glect your bank ac­count, the money dis­ap­pears in taxes and ac­count-keep­ing fees and then you have to start sav­ing all over again.

The more you are con­sis­tent with your healthy life­style, the health­ier you are.

If you ne­glect your health, you be­come un­healthy and over­weight, and then you have to start all over again.

Ev­ery bit of ac­tiv­ity you do, ev­ery healthy meal and snack you eat, adds to your health bal­ance.

You don’t have to be per­fect all the time, but the more you add to your health bal­ance, the health­ier you will be.

I know we all want the quick fix, but it doesn’t work.

Be con­sis­tent over the long term and you won’t have to keep start­ing over and you won’t need any “mir­a­cle” weight loss plans.


Leanne Shorter pro­motes the im­por­tance of adding to your health bank as she works out by the beach.

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