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WITH sum­mer com­ing, the flood vic­tims of 2011–2013 are re­mem­ber­ing the or­deal of the past. We re­mem­ber the river ris­ing and how we had to pre­pare for the worst. You had to lift as much fur­ni­ture off the floor as you could and pack up valu­ables like im­por­tant pa­pers, med­i­cal sup­plies, pho­tos, clothes and tools, to name a few. When we had to leave our home and go to an evac­u­a­tion cen­tre/safe place, what were we to do with our beloved an­i­mals? By leav­ing our homes early, we had to hope and pray the loot­ers didn’t come and steal our be­long­ings. Hope­fully in the fu­ture we will have more po­lice pa­trols in our ab­sence. Also, we would like to think we won’t have too much dam­age to prop­erty. In the fu­ture, if we have another dis­as­ter like 2013, we know the gov­ern­ment is putting in place evac­u­a­tion routes for peo­ple to get out safely – a great idea BUT where do we go? Coun­cil is build­ing a new evac­u­a­tion cen­tre on the south side of the river. How do we get there from the north once bridges close? Does this mean we have to go to Gin Gin, Childers then back to Bund­aberg to the evac­u­a­tion cen­tre? God will­ing, no one will have to go through this type of catas­tro­phe again.

CHRIS HARDY North Bund­aberg

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