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WHAT planet is Keith Pitt liv­ing on? The un­em­ploy­ment rate hit 9.1% on his watch, to keep blam­ing the La­bor party is just a cop out and pa­thetic. The un­em­ploy­ment rate was high when Paul Neville was the Mem­ber for Hin­kler when the La­bor party was in power and noth­ing has changed. The work for the dole is not what you would call proper em­ploy­ment is it Mr Pitt? And, it was a fail­ure un­der the Howard gov­ern­ment, that's a fact. This gov­ern­ment is pluck­ing at straws and it's blam­ing the un­em­ployed for its own fail­ure to at­tract in­dus­try to our re­gion. For Mr Pitt to ad­mit that “one of the prob­lems lo­cally was limited job va­can­cies” is stat­ing the bleed­ing ob­vi­ous. It is, Mr Pitt, your job to at­tract and seek to bring in­dus­try to this re­gion. It is a job you are fail­ing at and I think it's time the pub­lic took a se­ri­ous look at who they vote for at the next elec­tion. I for one am get­ting sick of hear­ing the same tape be­ing played all the time.

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