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Headaches a sign of poor pos­ture

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DO YOU suf­fer from back­ache or headaches?

Well, you could have bad pos­ture.

Bad pos­ture causes aching leg mus­cles and joints, back ache, headache, neck and shoul­der pain.

Bad pos­ture is when you have a curved spine, hunched shoul­ders and tight neck mus­cles and weak ro­ta­tor cuff mus­cles.

Ro­ta­tor cuff mus­cles are lo­cated on your shoul­der blades.

You can im­prove and cor­rect your pos­ture by be­ing aware of your bad pos­ture and by strength­en­ing and ton­ing your ro­ta­tor cuff mus­cles with a re­sis­tance band.

This ex­er­cise is good for any­one of any age to do to im­prove their pos­ture. Ro­ta­tor cuff ex­er­cise Sit on a chair with back straight and feet flat on the floor.

Arms are bent at el­bows at 90 de­grees. Lock el­bows into your body.

Hold the band in each hand with palms fac­ing up­wards and hands about 30cm apart.

Slowly squeeze shoul­der blades to­gether and hands will follow. This is one rep­e­ti­tion.

How many rep­e­ti­tions and how of­ten?

To get the best re­sults from do­ing the ro­ta­tor cuff ex­er­cise, you need to do the ex­er­cise for three lots of eight rep­e­ti­tions.

Do one set of eight rep­e­ti­tions fol­lowed by a 30 sec­ond rest, do another 8 rep­e­ti­tions fol­lowed by another 30 sec­ond rest, then do a fi­nal set of eight rep­e­ti­tions.

Do th­ese rep­e­ti­tions two to three times a week.

Leanne Shorter is a qual­i­fied fit­ness trainer with Fit­ness Aus­tralia. You can con­tact Leanne through her web­site at­sis­tit­


RIGHT WAY: Leanne Shorter demon­strates this week's ex­er­cise.

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