The Boat Peo­ple

Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By NANCE BUR­NETT

The scales of jus­tice weigh

Against th­ese peo­ple. In jail they stay.

No sui­cide, no re­fusal to ea

Will soften hearts of pro­ce­dural de­feat.

The stench that is racism is con­veyed

And scorn of Hu­man Rights dis­played.

So, let’s sup­pose you fled from here

In leaky boat from regime of fear,

Where many die upon the way?

You reach a for­eign sandy bay,

Are jailed in a God-for­saken place –

A common crim­i­nal’s fate you face.

Your wife, your chil­dren, suf­fer too.

Is this the fate you would choose for you?

And though you may cry bit­ter tears

No free­dom will you see for years.

Th­ese views of ha­tred, re­jec­tion, fear?

Re­ject those evil words you hear!

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