Wet a line to bag ac­tive mack­erel


WITH the warm weather set­tling in, the mack­erel have been on the boil both in­shore and off­shore.

The breeze has been up a bit but if you can get out around the ar­ti­fi­cial by first light, you can gen­er­ally get a good two to three hours in be­fore it starts to blow up.

Along with th­ese mack­erel are plenty of other pe­lag­ics chas­ing the huge bait schools.

Ban­ito, mac tuna and trevally can be seen from the shore bust­ing the sur­face.

Throw­ing metal slugs off the beach with a quick re­trieve or us­ing whole pillys on 3/0 gang hooks set with a tai­lor rig is your best chance.

Make sure your gear is up to it as the last thing you want is to be busted off by a prize fish.

Tim Baker of Kin­garoy had no prob­lems there when he landed a 98cm golden trevally after a long 25-minute fight while fish­ing off the beach into the deep chan­nel at the mouth of the Bur­rum.

After tak­ing out the hooks, he was more than happy to pose for a quick photo be­fore he reloaded and tried his luck again.

My dad (Dar­ryl Gra­ham) never has any luck when it comes to weather and fish­ing. Dad bought a 5.2m For­mosa Cen­tre Con­sole about two years ago and has only used it a hand­ful of times.

He works away in the mines on a 10/4 roster. He flies in on a Thurs­day night and the first thing he does when he gets back home is head down to the back shed for a quiet beer with his boat.

This time he came home he was able to get out the fol­low­ing day and bag out on some good solid mack­erel.

He was stoked. I think I got about half a dozen phone calls in 45 min­utes from him.

The first call went like this... “Hello Benn speak­ing”. “Hey Benn its dad.” “Hey dad, How’s it go­ing” “Benn I’ve got blood all over my new boat.”

“WHAT... DAD ARE YOU OK?” (Think­ing the worst.)

“Mate mack­erel ev­ery­where out here and blood and guts all over the boat.”

“Oh, dad I thought you had cut your­self or some­thing.”

He then laughed and hung up the phone.

Tri­cia Tay­lor from the Sun­shine Coast landed two barra in un­der an hour in the Bur­rum.

She was us­ing live her­ring as bait, hop­ing for a flat­head. The most amaz­ing thing is she landed both th­ese fish, fish­ing with 6lb line and a 15lb trace and a 2/0 mus­tard hook. Barra one was 67cm and barra two was 80cm.

Glenn Tay­lor, not want­ing to be out-fished by his wife, Tri­cia, caught an 84cm barra, also on live bait.

Glen said: “I was fish­ing with much more suit­able tackle for the task, although a sur­prise it was not as im­pres­sive as the ef­fort of play­ing a fish as I wit­nessed with wife, Tri­cia’s catch”.

Glenn’s brother-in-law, Lind­say Fox (not the truck fleet owner) from Ca­bool­ture caught an 89cm Threadfin sal­mon ear­lier in the week tolling lures in the Gre­gory River.

“We have vis­ited Woodgate with our ex­tended fam­ily for the past 13 years. Ev­ery year the Woodgate area and its di­ver­sity of fish­ing has never dis­ap­pointed,” Glenn

Glenn Tay­lor Ev­ery year the Woodgate area and its di­ver­sity of fish­ing has never dis­ap­pointed.


Gut­ters along the beach are pro­duc­ing some nice flat­head, with Roger Crook from the Gold Coast catch­ing two (42cm and 43cm) caught on fresh mul­let fil­lets on the turn of the out­go­ing tide.

The beach front is still at­tract­ing those nice big sum­mer whit­ing with a mix­ture of baits be­ing used.

With the warmer weather, the man­grove jack are start­ing to fire up and some good re­ports have been rolling in with catches com­ing from the creeks.

Mud crabs seem to be shell shocked at the mo­ment. For the last 2 months there have been plenty get­ting around but a lot have just been un­der the le­gal size limit of 15cm.


We are ap­proach­ing a clo­sure on bar­ra­mundi which starts this Satur­day, Novem­ber 1 and runs un­til Fe­bru­ary 1 for the breed­ing sea­son.

Also, just another quick re­minder to ev­ery­one of the Queens­land clo­sure dates for co­ral reef fin fish for the next five years: Clo­sure 1

2014 – Oc­to­ber 21 to Oc­to­ber 25

2015 – 10 Oc­to­ber to 14 Oc­to­ber

2016 – Oc­to­ber 28 to Novem­ber 1

2017 – Oc­to­ber 17 to Oc­to­ber 21

2018 – Oc­to­ber 6 to Oc­to­ber 10 Clo­sure 2

2014 – Novem­ber 19 to Novem­ber 23

2015 – Novem­ber 9 to Novem­ber 13

2016 – Novem­ber 26 to Novem­ber 30

2017 – Novem­ber 15 to Novem­ber 19

2018 – Novem­ber 5 to Novem­ber 9

If you would like to find out more in­for­ma­tion on the hot spots or any fish­ing tips, call in and see me at Seren­ity Cove Cafe in Woodgate and I’ll set you up with all the gear you need to catch that big one.

Lind­say Fox with a threadfin sal­mon.


GOT HIM! Dar­ryl Gra­ham with a mack­erel.

Tri­cia Tay­lor with a barra.

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