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HERE are four sim­ple steps to jump­start your metabolism so you can burn more calo­ries and boost en­ergy lev­els.

Step One: Re­vi­talise your diet. This means giv­ing your body the nu­tri­ents it needs.

Don’t fo­cus only on calo­ries – make sure you are eat­ing nu­tri­ent-dense food.

In­clude a small hand­ful of nuts as a snack, eat oily fish like sal­mon and tuna, and eat lots of fruit and ve­g­ies.

If you are try­ing to cut back on calo­ries, then fill at least half your din­ner plate with salad or brightly coloured vegetables and eat fruit for dessert.

Step Two: Man­age your ap­petite. Good ap­petite man­age­ment will keep your nu­tri­ent-rich eat­ing on track.

If you have been overeat­ing for years, then you will need to con­cen­trate on keep­ing por­tions down.

Skip­ping meals can cause your body to go crazy and will have you crav­ing non-nu­tri­tious foods, so make sure you eat three nu­tri­ent-rich meals a day.

Step Three: Rev up your metabolism.

Now you’ve over­hauled your diet and por­tions, next you need to burn more calo­ries.

When you are on the couch watch­ing TV you burn about one calo­rie ev­ery minute, whereas if you go for a brisk walk you’ll burn five or six calo­ries per minute.

If you start jog­ging, do­ing aer­o­bics or play­ing a vig­or­ous sport, you ac­cel­er­ate your burn rate to about eight or nine calo­ries per minute – or from 60 calo­ries to 540 per hour.

Revving up your metabolism is all about reg­u­lar move­ment. Add in some re­sis­tance or weight train­ing and your metabolism in­creases even fur­ther.

Step Four: Re­bal­ance your mood. Now you have your diet, ap­petite and fit­ness un­der con­trol, you need to man­age your stress.

Re­search shows that stress, poor time man­age­ment, fam­ily events and emo­tions can stop your fit­ness/health pro­gram.

The links be­tween mood and body chem­istry cen­tre on the chem­i­cal cor­ti­sol.

Stress or low mood can el­e­vate cor­ti­sol lev­els, which in­creases ap­petite and body fat stor­age.

Make sure you get or­gan­ised, take time out to re­lax and do things you en­joy – just for you.

Leanne Shorter is a regis­tered fit­ness trainer with Fit­ness Aus­tralia. Con­tact her on­line at­sis­tit­

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