Isis Town and Country - - Front Page - By YANA HOLMES Year 7, Good­wood State School

DOES hu­man­ity come with an au­to­cor­rect op­tion? It has come to my at­ten­tion that so­cial me­dia has been used way too fre­quently.

Our world is com­ing to an end with Snapchat, Face­book, In­sta­gram, Twit­ter and Skype! Can you name any more so­cial me­dia sites that are de­stroy­ing our so­ci­ety?

The most common time to use a mo­bile is be­tween 5–8pm. This is fam­ily time! How dis­ap­point­ing!

You’re wast­ing your time so­cial­is­ing on the me­dia while you could be spend­ing it with the ones be­fore you – this is just in­con­sid­er­ate. How can th­ese touch­screens make us lose touch? We sit be­hind the dig­i­tal screens to com­mu­ni­cate to the peo­ple who are so far away but feel yet so close. Do you have a lot of fol­low­ers? I bet you don’t know them all. Why has the goal of life be­come about hav­ing the most friends/fol­low­ers and ‘likes’?

While we may have long friend-lists, so many of us are friend-less.

Hu­man in­ter­ac­tion is be­com­ing less im­por­tant.

For ex­am­ple; you are hav­ing a mean­ing­ful con­ver­sa­tion with a friend. “Ring, ring” your phone is ring­ing. What do you do? Nine out of 10 peo­ple will pick up the phone and leave the cur­rent con­ver­sa­tion just to an­swer the phone.

Brain pre­oc­cu­pied peo­ple! Are we let­ting the me­dia con­trol us and rule our lives? Our be­hav­iour to­wards so­cial me­dia is just like a dog on a bone – ob­ses­sive! You check your sites be­fore you close your eyes and as soon as you open them. Am I cor­rect? You’re prob­a­bly sick of hear­ing, “Go out­side and kick a ball” but when you are hear­ing such com­ments they’re re­ally mean­ing do some­thing other than so­cial­is­ing on the me­dia.

Can you be­lieve that the av­er­age per­son checks their phone up to nine times an hour!

This then equals 110 times a day and up to about four years of your whole en­tire life! This is ab­surd! A waste of pre­cious time, just like it never ex­isted at all.

I may come across as hyp­o­crit­i­cal as I am also guilty of overus­ing my de­vices.

How­ever it is through my per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences that I have be­come aware of, and am con­cerned by, th­ese dam­ag­ing is­sues.

I hope that my re­source here has pro­vided you with in­sights into the neg­a­tive con­se­quences of so­cial me­dia.

Step out of your nonex­is­tent world and im­merse your­self in re­al­ity.


SPEAK­ING UP: Good­wood State School stu­dent Yana Holmes, 12, Year 7.

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