Isis Town and Country - - Opinion - By NANCE BUR­NETT

I HAVE never felt be­fore, such phys­i­cal at­trac­tion –

Feel in turn ela­tion, shame: You drive me to dis­trac­tion.

Fleet­ing glimpses, eyes that meet, and com­mon­sense goes reel­ing.

Need­less to tell: You know it well and seem to share this feel­ing.

Some­times I pre­tend that I have missed your silent greet­ing,

Turn aside, pre­tend inside my heart’s not wildly beat­ing.

Know­ing you won’t wait, I want to mem­o­rise each fea­ture

Crawl into bed with you in­stead – so shame­less is this creature.

Go­ing on­ward as be­fore with only in­stinct guid­ing,

Blame­less, yet un­spo­ken thoughts and feel­ings un­sub­sid­ing.

Carry on we must just as be­fore and al­ways blam­ing

Just our­selves if this should be too wild and free for tam­ing.

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