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More to it?

I AM a mem­ber of the Isis RSL. Hav­ing read your ar­ti­cle on Roy Owen (“RSL stal­wart un­der fire”, Town & Coun­try, 13/11) I have to say that although this dress in­fringe­ment did oc­cur, it should be kept in per­spec­tive. He wore medals he is en­ti­tled to wear, un­in­ten­tion­ally on the wrong side. This might nowa­days be re­ferred to as a wardrobe malfunction. I have to won­der at the mo­ti­va­tion of who­ever re­ported this mat­ter to you in the first place. (I can only spec­u­late that it may have been by those who “are more ag­gres­sive about their feel­ings to­wards Mr Owen but would only speak on the grounds of anonymity”.) The fact they lack the courage of their con­vic­tions to iden­tify them­selves in print speaks vol­umes. I am left to con­clude that this may be part of a smear cam­paign by a per­son or per­sons with an agenda re­gard­ing the fu­ture of the Isis RSL. Dif­fer­ing fac­tions within in­sti­tu­tions are not un­com­mon, but in this case they should be able to come to­gether so that the aims of the RSL can be achieved with­out re­sort­ing to the tac­tics that seem to have been em­ployed here. Mel Hamil­ton, Childers Ed­i­tor’s note: This let­ter was sent and was in­tended to be printed last week but a tech­ni­cal is­sue meant it wasn’t re­ceived.

More con­cerns for kids

THANK you “very con­cerned par­ent” in relation to “Where are the kids?” (let­ter to the ed­i­tor, Town & Coun­try, 20/11). The “liv­ing in hell” state­ment was grossly over-ex­ag­ger­ated, be­cause I and state au­thor­i­ties viewed the inside of the premises be­fore it was trashed by who­ever. If you per­son­ally had knowl­edge of Child Ser­vices’ in­ter­ven­tion in the sit­u­a­tion, why did you not con­tact the grand­par­ents or rel­e­vant au­thor­i­ties, or are you a part of the group who sub­jected us to three days of phone calls, stalk­ing and ha­rass­ment by alert­ing the me­dia (when I was on the phone to Child Ser­vices dis­cussing the prob­lem) of our ad­dress, but not of the fa­ther of the male part­ner? And we agree, we would like to know what has hap­pened to those chil­dren. In de­fence of our grand­child – she was and is a good mother, loving and car­ing for the chil­dren while be­ing scared, I think, be­cause of threats made. Please leave your name and phone num­ber at Isis Town & Coun­try of­fice and maybe we can con­tact and have a chat, if you are gen­uine. We will now have to watch our backs. Signed, very con­cerned grand­par­ents

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