Re­duc­tion in the so­lar feed-in tar­iff

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THERE was much pub­lic­ity from our State Gov­ern­ment ear­lier this year when they an­nounced the so­lar bonus scheme feed-in tar­iff would in­crease from eight cents per Kwh to 9.07 cents per Kwh on July 1, 2014. In­ter­est­ingly, I have heard no men­tion un­til re­ceiv­ing my Er­gon bill, that from Oc­to­ber 1, 2014 it has been re­duced from 9.07 cents per Kwh to 6.53 cents per Kwh. So much for “Can Do” New­man and his many prom­ises to re­duce the cost of elec­tric­ity. There are now two dis­tinct classes of peo­ple with so­lar pan­els. The first, pan­els in­stalled un­der La­bor get 44 cents per Kwh and the sec­ond, pan­els in­stalled since the LNP Gov­ern­ment came to power, now get 6.53 cents per Kwh. This only ap­plies to re­gional Queens­land where there is no choice of sup­plier. For in­stance, Click En­ergy, pays 10 cents, but, you have to live near Bris­bane, where there is com­pe­ti­tion. My sys­tem pro­duces on av­er­age 30 KWh per day, and my us­age is 9 Kwh per day. I am pro­duc­ing enough elec­tric­ity for another two av­er­age homes, and all I get is a mis­er­able 6.53 cents per Kwh. Er­gon puts em­pha­sis on the fact that they are not to blame, it was a decision set by the Queens­land Com­pe­ti­tion Au­thor­ity. I re­ally don’t think that this will im­prove the chance of ob­tain­ing the pen­sioner, and clean en­ergy peo­ple, votes in the next state elec­tion. Alf Jones, Woodgate

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